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  1. Prehistoric womens had very strong arms Yea, we have to remember that they had to wash dishes made out of stone
  2. Why do scientists knew that the frozen prehistoric man they found in the Arctic was friendly ? Because he's a n iceman
  3. What's the difference between a movie rental machine and several prehistoric towns? One is Redbox, the others are Bedrocks.
  4. Archaeologists recently unearthed a computer dating back to prehistoric times It had a jurassic pterobyte of storage space
  5. Most pre-historic vegetables have been lost to time... But the beet goes on.
  6. What do you call a prehistoric person that is wandering at random? A meander-tal!
  7. What do you call prehistoric group s**...? A dinosaurgy
  8. What are prehistoric creatures called when they sleep? **Dinosnores**
  9. What do call a prehistoric h**...? Vaginasaurass

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  1. Crocodiles; these prehistoric beasts can grow up to 20 feet! Although most just grow 4.
  2. What do you call a prehistoric bomb? A stick of Dinomite.
  3. Which prehistoric shark insulted it's prey? The Megalodon--Rickles.
  4. What do you call an angry prehistoric man? Australopithed
  5. What do you call a prehistoric bruise? A dino-sore
  6. If the Genesis flood happened in prehistoric times... ...It'd be Jurassic Ark
  7. What do you call a prehistoric humanoid who likes to take his time? A meander-thal!
  8. What was the most destructive dinosaur of the prehistoric era? *Tyrannosaurus Wrecks*
  9. What prehistoric animal is the fastest at wrapping gifts? The Velociraptor.
  10. Next Halloween I'm going dressed as a prehistoric flying reptile. It'll be pterofying.
  11. What's a prehistoric bouncer's worst nightmare? A Tyranasaurus... Wrecked
  12. What do you call a prehistoric proto-fascist? A Cro-MAGAnon man.
  13. What prehistoric animal loves lamps? Mam-moths
  14. Prehistorically, what brought Auto Policies to an all-time high? Tyrannosaurus wrecks.
  15. What do you call a prehistoric poet? Shake Spear

Prehistoric joke, What do you call a prehistoric poet?

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Two amoebae are floating along in a prehistoric ocean.

Amoeba 1: Weird...I think I just took in a breath of air.
Amoeba 2: Nah. You're probably imagining things.
Amoeba 1: Yeah. False aspirations, I guess.

Scientists have discovered a stone tablet 60,000 years old inscibed with pictographs describing the idea of "the glass half empty or half full."

They are calling the prehistoric philosopher "optimist prime."

Prehistoric joke, What was the most destructive dinosaur of the prehistoric era?