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A man was at a job interview

The boss asked, How do you preform under pressure?
The man said, Well I try my hardest but I always end up singing Ice Ice Baby

Our band always gets announced last at every event we preform at, no matter where we are in the show...

Probably should not have chosen Partridge in a pear Tree as our band name.

If I tell you I have to kill you

A man goes with his wife to a magic show, after the magician preform an amazing trick the man shout "Bravo! Please tell him how you did it" the magician answer "if I tell you I have to kill you"
So the man said "so tell my wife".

A Spanish Magician

A Spanish Magician said that he would preform a final trick for his audience. He told them that he would disappear in three seconds. He counted, "uno, dos," and left without a tres.

There once was a pastor who was in support of gay rights, but refused to preform gay marriage ceremonies.

People kept asking him, "If you like gay people so much, why don't you marry them?"

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