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I was getting off an airplane, when I passed a little boy who was waving and saying "Bye, plane!"...

"No, this isn't a biplane." I said, as the kid's dad immediately gave me a condescending look.

I went on, "You can't tell its sexual preference based just on how it looks."

What do you call an attraction to both genders but a preference for one?

A bi-as

The Lion, the Witch and a fabulous fashion sense

What did the Lion say to the Witch when she caught him coming out of the wardrobe?

"My sexual preference is Narnia business."

Preference joke, The Lion, the Witch and a fabulous fashion sense

After my wife gave birth, I asked the doctor, "how soon do you think we will be able to have sex? "

He replied "Four to twelve years, depending on preference."

A recent survey says women prefer 4-5 inches over 6 inches and bigger, citing a "better fit" being one of the top reasons

While preference between Android and iOS devices are evenly split.

I don't care about skin color, race, sexual preference or social status.

I just hate everyone.

My wife says I give preference to one of our two children.

I don't know if she means Vincent or that other kid.

Preference joke, My wife says I give preference to one of our two children.

I've always preferred management over human resources

I guess that's just a personnel preference

All this time I thought Bipolar was a big white bear with no sexual preference.

Why the preference for 8/9 over it's decimal?


Every song, depending on preference, can be considered a hit

Except when it comes from Chris brown, then it's just a punch.

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After scoring shockingly low in coffee preference polls, Dunkin Donuts changed its slogan:

America sleeps on Dunkin

You might not know it, but Tekashi 6ix9ine is big into numerology.

Really, it's true! Six and nine are both power numbers, and when added together, you get his age of preference.

I broke up with Cortana because she was talking to other people.

Almost everyone with Windows 10. Odd preference but I'm devastated.

What was Abraham Lincoln's seating preference?

Not John Wilkes Booth!

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