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I just watched a movie about a y=x graph

The plot was a bit predictable

And a little flat

Good special f(x) though

Teacher asks their class of children to come up with a sentence beginning with "I"

After a few children come to the front with predictable statements about having a cat or a certain toy, a child steps up and says
"I is-" and is immediately interrupted by the teacher,
"I *am*!"
She side-eyes the teacher, frowns and ignores her teacher, starting again
"I is-" again, the teacher interrupts her, this time a little more snappily
"It's I *am*! Use the proper word!"
The girl turns to look at her this time, eyelids drooped with exasperation.
"Fine," she sighs "I am the ninth letter of the alphabet."

Why is it called Mother Nature?

Because if it were called Father Nature it would be a lot more predictable.

The Ketchup shortage this year was so predictable.

But I guess Heinz sight is 2020

Grapes are so predictable at poker

Eventually, they all end up raisin

Why are mexicans so predictable in Uno?

Because they always wish for the green card

TIL about Mexican drug birds.

During the early 60s drug cartels would use South-American mallard flocks to smuggle drugs over the border.

The birds' predictable migration patterns and considerable size made them perfect for the job, until a few years later.

That's when the ducks got wise and just started smoking all the quack.

What do you call a table that knows the future?

A predictable!

Which piano player is the most predictable poker player?

Ben Folds

[OC I think] Sure, Matthew McConaughey jokes are pretty predictable...

But they're all right, alright? Alright.

I really don't like titanic jokes, they're so predictable.

It's always just hook, line, and sinker.

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