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Best joke I have heard in a few months... let's see if I can do it justice!

A guy enters a Halloween party just in his pants.

Guy 1: what are you dressed as?
Guy 2: I came as pre mature ejaculation!
Guy 1: okay? Why don't you have a shirt or shoes?
Guy 2: well, I just came in my pants!


my pre school guitar teacher...

got in trouble for fingering A minor, but he wasn't as bad as bad as my pre school violin teacher...he fiddled with kids... but both were not nearly as bad as my pre school piano teacher....who raped me in the mouth


When you get that funny feeling your wife is going to refuse to have sex with you . . .

It's a pre dick shun


I'm tired of pre shredded cheese

Make America grate again


The internet pre 2008

where the women were men,
the men were boys,
and the children were FBI


A man goes to church for confession....

A man goes to Church to confess..............

Man: Hi Father, my five years old Son is very naughty.
He made all the female servants pregnant.

Father: Incredulously, and how on earth did he do it???

Man: He took a pin and punched holes in all my condoms



Pre school teacher : Your child said a bad word in class...

Parent : Where the fuck did he learn that ?


What is 68....?

A pre position!


I'm starting the dishes, and my wife is getting ready to go watch 50 Shades of Grey

I guess you could say we are BOTH pre soaking.


You can't believe anything chickens tell you

Most of em are pre tenders


I always forget if the P in PMS stands for Pre or Post ...

... but in case of my wife, it stands for Permanent


I was picking up my sister from pre school when a teacher asked me:

"Are you the father of Sophie?" He did not expect me to answer: "No, just her boyfriend".


I didn't know what time to go to pre ejaculation class

so I just came early.


My Mom is Catholic and my dad is Jewish.

Which means I was snipped *and* dipped.

They put me in a Jewish pre school so I thought I was Jewish.

Then they turn around and put me in Catholic Sunday school.

This was confusing for a little kid.

I told the Sunday school teacher,

Teacher bear with me, up until last week I thought I was Jewish...

In other words, I am Jew - *ish*...

God Bless!


[NSFW] I didn't know what to wear to my Pre Ejaculation Society meeting

So I just came in my pants


The most constipated men in the Bible?

Cane, he wasn't Able

Moses, he had to take two tablets

Samson, he brought the house down

Solomon, he sat on the throne for 40 years

Balaam, who couldn't move his ass

Check out my TIFU pre funny


What is an Olympic pre race pep talk for a French competitor?

Retreat that way!


Apparently Mr. Trump is tired of all this pre - shredded cheeses saturating the market...

He's gonna make America grate again


Tony Romo might be joining Troy Aikman as a Fox sports announcer....

With two gay Cowboys they can call their pre game show Broke Back Announcin'


Fun fact: Gauge Theory is the instantaneous rate of change calculated off a pre established baseline. A 12 gauge is how Kurt Cobain died.


I gained a kilo every day for the past year

Pre shit.


I cna ytpe 300 wrods pre mniuet!


Do men get P.M.S.?

My girlfriend said I have Pre Marital Syndrome.


Why was the Dyslexic banned from the anagram contest.

The question come pre solved.


Why was the dyslexic banned from the anagram contest?

The questions came pre solved.


I found seashells in my pubes when not being near a beach...

Should I start pre treatment for crabs?


Make America grate again.

Ban pre shredded cheese


What's the easiest part about eating Jews for dinner?

They're pre cooked


In 1450 London, James Fiennes, mounted on the guillotine, declared, "England will pre-"

The undertaker said "Man, stop while you're a head."


Why don't Baptists approve of pre marital sex?

Because it leads to dancing.


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