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Where do shrimp go to buy cheap things ?

A prawn shop.

What kind of online videos do fish love to watch?

Hardcore prawn

What's the cheapest place to buy shrimp?

A prawn shop.

Prawn joke, What's the cheapest place to buy shrimp?

What's a teenage fish's favorite website?

Prawn Hub

Where do you go to buy and sell shrimp?

The Prawn shop

What do you call a store where you negotiate for off-the-book shrimp transactions?

A Prawn Shop

(I know, I know, it's a dumb one but it made me laugh)

Recent studies have shown that several species of shrimp have randomly died while migrating to other seas or oceans

I guess they were accident prawn

Prawn joke, Recent studies have shown that several species of shrimp have randomly died while migrating to other

A scollop is on his ipad sitting next to his dad.

The dad scollap nudges the son scollap and says

" stop looking at prawn"

Why didn't the prawn like sharing?

Because he was a little shellfish



Why did the prawn leave the night club early?

Because he pulled a muscle.

Saw this outside my local fishmongers.

A man walks into a prawn shop

and says to the owner, "I've been interested in picking up the bass. What do you have in stock?"

The owner hands him a fresh fish.

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I made my girlfriend dinner to cheer her up after her abortion

The selfish cow didn't even touch her king prawn in red wine sauce

Did you hear about the guy who tried selling dendrobranchiata babies online?

He got arrested for distributing child prawn.

What did the fish say about the snake disguised as a shrimp?

He's playing the long prawn!

What is the worst piece in undersea chess?

The prawn.

What do prawns and butterface girls have in common?

You rip off the head and keep the body

Prawn joke, What do prawns and butterface girls have in common?

A guy goes in a Chinese restaurant and asks, 'are these prawn crackers?'

The waiter replies, 'no, they just like having a bit of a laugh.'

Where is a great place to get cash for all that shrimp you don't need?

At the Prawn Shop

What did the fish say when the cods arrested him?

I did nothing prawn!

What do you get if you fill a suburb full of Mermen?

Prawn crackers.

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