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Russian Condoms

One day the president of the largest condom company in Russia is called down by his sales associate. He tells the president that they have just gotten a huge order from America for double extra large 16" condoms. The associate tells the prez that it must be a prank, so the president mulls it over for a minute and then says "Make their order, but when you mark them them for shipping, stamp them with 'EXTRA SMALL.'"

My school does these things at the end of the year called "Senior Pranks".

Usually the same routine, with some alterations each year. Pull the fire alarm, play inappropriate music over the loud speaker, and throw a couple smoke bombs here and there. I'm always surprised how the local retirement home doesn't threaten to sue anyone.

Want to prank call someone?

what did the zombie say when he prank-called someone?

"deez gutz"

If Moe the bartender ever figures out who was prank calling him he'd go from Bar Tender to Bart Ender

What is it called when shapes play pranks on each other?


[Arrested for prank calling]

Cop: You get one phone call

Me: Ok *excited

*cop's phone rings*

Me: Is your refrigerator running

What do you call a leprechaun's prank?

A St. Pat-trick! Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Fun times with prank calls

My favorite prank phone-call gag when I was a child: Call store, ask, "Do you have cotton-balls?"

After confirmation that the store has cotton-balls, "Does it tickle when you walk?"

What do you call Al-Qaeda's April Fools prank?

A jihahahad!

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Batman prank calls Spider-Man...

Batman asks, "Is uncle Ben home?"

Spider-Man says, "No! He is at the theater with your parents!"

Me: Is you're refrigerator running?

Random Guy I'm Prank Calling: yeah

Me: Cause I'd vote for it, Refrigerator for pres 2020

What is the program for pranking insane people called?


yo, prank call these numbers

Sweet little prank call program - still trying it out, but looks very promising

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