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I could argue that someone passing out in the punchline enhances the joke,

but that would be faint praise indeed.

Cop stopped me...

Cop stopped me.

Me: A problem, officer?

Cop: what's that bottle?

Me: it's just water, officer

Cop: but this is wine, sir

Me: praise the lord & his miracles.

Two handicapped men walk into a bar...


To all of you that have overcome Fatboy Slim addiction....

I have to praise you

A satanist asked why I would 420 blaze it,

When i could 180 and praise it.

Puns are the only form of humor where a groan is high praise and a laugh is a fair attempt.

Well, that and sex.

"A man gets pulled over by a cop..."

As soon as the cop walks up to the window he sees a bottle with wine, and the driver says: "Sir, this is just a bottle of water I bought at the gas station a few miles back."
Cop: "Well I'm quite sure that is red wine you have in there"
Driver: "Praise the Lord its a miracle!"

Where do people who praise WiFi go?

The promised LAN.

A police officer pulls someone over

The officer asks the man "What's in the bottle sir?"

"It's just water!" replies the man.

"Sir this is clearly alcohol." says the police officer, clearly able to smell the contents of the bottle.

The very obviously drunk man begins to shout "Praise the Lord and his miracles!"

Today is a most sacred day

Happy Easter Thursday! 420 praise it!

I don't get why all these people praise lawyers just for being U2 fans

Suddenly they're special for taking on Pro-Bono cases?

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Three disabled people walk into a bar.

Praise the Lord!!!

To make a fool love you, praise their intelligence...

...but you already knew that, because you're so intelligent.

What do literature critics always praise about the Shawshank Redemption?

The prose and the cons

Organ donation has a nasty double standard when it comes to praise.

Some guy donates his kidney, he's praised as a hero. I donate 5, and I get arrested? Double standards smh

I met Snoop Dogg last night and he said that I roll the best blunts he's ever smoked.

That's high praise.

As a Muslim, I really appreciate the Courts upholding religious freedom

Seriously, Praise Be A Law

Why did the masturbating Muslim praise Allah?

He was hoping for a goat-send.

Below the southern border is a world of corruption and evil

Good thing I live in North Korea, all praise our glorious leader

The Tea Party

Mom went shopping, leaving Dad in charge of their daughter. Suzie was about 18 months old and loved playing with her new tea set. Dad was engrossed in the evening news when Suzie brought him a little cup of 'tea' (really just plain water).

He praised her good 'cooking,' so she brought him more. After several cups of 'tea,' and much praise, Mom came home.

"Honey, watch this," said Dad and had her wait in the living room as Suzie brought him another cup of tea.

"Isn't she just the cutest?"

Mom waited until he had polished off yet another cup of 'tea' before asking, "Did you ever think that the only place a baby can get water is the toilet?!"

BREAKING NEWS: The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, is brain-dead following an invasive medical procedure.

Officials praise the regime for finding common grounds with the US.

Alexander Graham Bell is always given a huge amount of praise for inventing the first telephone

The credit should really go to whomever invented the SECOND telephone.

The other day I saw an event a local church was having at a dispensary where they were giving away donuts and spreading the Word of God

They called it Glaze It, Blaze It, and Praise It

One praiseworthy thing about Hilter is that...

...he actually killed Hitler.

Christian Horse

A Christian guy named Bill saw ana d online for a Christian Horse, so he went to check it out. The horse's owner said, "It's easy to ride him. Just say 'Praise the Lord!' to make him go and 'Amen!' to make him stop."

Bill got on the horse and said, "Praise the Lord!" Sure enough, the horse started to walk. "Praise the Lord!" he said again, and the horse began to trot. "Praise the Lord!" he yelled and the horse broke into a gallop.
Bill was enjoying his ride so much that he almost didn't notice the cliff he and horse were about to go over. Bill shouted "AMEN!" at the top of his lungs, and the horse stopped right at the edge of the cliff.

Relieved, Bill said, "Phew, Praise the Lord!"

What is something you can say to praise a Christmas tree but shouldn't say about a woman?

Looks pretty in the darkness.

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