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Gather round and enjoy some of the best Prague jokes around! Learn why the Child of Prague went to Slovakia, why cartographers are so important to Prague, and why a trip to Budapest can be so dangerous. Laughter is the best medicine and we've got the jokes to prove it!

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Best Short Prague Jokes

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  1. I've just started a new business selling trampoline in Prague Getting a lot of orders, but the Czechs keep bouncing.
  2. I've very recently started a company selling trampolines in Prague… My first Czech bounced.
  3. I'm friends with a Chess grandmaster from Prague, but I can't pronounce his name Is it OK if I just call him a Czech mate?
  4. My buddy, David, had his ID stolen while on a business trip in Prague... we just have to call him Dav.
  5. Finally got funding approved for the gay club I'm opening in Prague. The Czech's in the Male
  6. While in Prague I drove by the maximum security prison. It made me feel uneasy... I never like passing bad Czechs.
  7. I'm going to travel to Prague Once there, I will enter a bank, and cover the floor with trampolines.
    They'll have to deal with a bunch of bouncing Czechs.
  8. A friend of mine opened a trampoline business in Prague. I asked him how sales were and said "Well, the Czechs keep bouncing."
  9. Why are the best accountants twins from Prague? Because they always double Czech their work!
  10. My friend from Prague finally got his US citizenship approved... He is a cancelled Czech now.
Prague joke, My friend from Prague finally got his US citizenship approved...

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Prague One Liners

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  1. I'm starting a new dating service in Prague. It's called Czech-Mate.
  2. If I ever move to Prague, I'll open a burrito shop. And call it Bohemian Wrap City.
  3. Two cannibals walked into a restaurant in Prague They asked for separate Czechs.
  4. Guess what two cannibals did for dinner in Prague? They split the Czech!
  5. I'm thinking about starting a dating service in Prague I shall call it "Czech-Mate"
  6. What do you call your friend from Prague who beat you at chess? Your Czech mate
  7. Did you hear about the guy from Prague wearing armor? The Czech's in the mail.
  8. What happens when your friend from Prague topples over? You right a Czech.
  9. Ever been to Prague You gotta Czech it out
  10. How do people in Prague solve algebra equations? Guess and Czech.
  11. I made a friend at this chess club in Prague Czech mate
  12. About to play chess with a good friend from Prague Czech mate
  13. I've got a friend from Prague who is really good at chess He's my Czech mate.
  14. Why did the chess player download tinder in Prague? He was looking for a Czech mate.
  15. I can never remember where Prague is... I always have to Czech.

Prague joke, I can never remember where Prague is...

Ridiculous Prague Jokes to Spark Fun and Laughter

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Did you hear about the guy who was caught hiding i**... immigrants in Prague?

He got prison for caching false Czechs.

When flying to Prague...

...all of your bags are Czeched

My friend from Prague is a writer.

He likes to use Spellczech.

Why did the Founding Fathers hire accountants from Prague?

They needed a system of Czechs and balances.

What's the most popular kind of music in the Czech Republic?

Prague Rock

What happened when the Prague Bungee Jumping team couldn't afford proper equipment?

Their Czechs bounced.

A man was brought to the FBI on suspicion of m**...

A man was brought to the FBI on suspicion of m**.... He argued that there was no way he could have done it, as he was in vacation in Prague for the week of the killing. The FBI took note of his travel records and let him go; his alibi czeched out.

I run a mail order bride service based out of Prague.

I had a customer call and complain the other day about his order not arriving. It was alright though, I just reassured him that his Czech was in the mail.

Where do people from Prague deposit their money?

Into their Czeching account

I went to go see Kafkaesque last night...

They're a new Prague Rock band, you should Czech them out

How does the Prague mafia mark its territory?

With a Czech mark

Why do citizens of Prague rarely get scammed?

Because they always double Czech


There's a new dating app for cats in Prague...
it's called Czech Meowt

I've got a business...

What's you business?
A trampoline company in Prague.
How's it going?
It's not great, the Czech's keep bouncing...
What's your business?
We repair elevators in high rise buildings.
How's it going?
Meh, it's up and down.
What's your business?
Carry it on!

What do you call a movie extra from Prague?

A background Czech.

Why do chess players date in Prague?

To find a Czech mate

Why do chess grandmasters use Tinder in Prague?

Because every good chess player makes a move for a Czech mate.

My friend from Prague finally got his US citizenship approved

That makes him a cancelled Czech

Prague joke, I'm going to travel to Prague

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