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Best Short Power Tools Jokes

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  1. Saw a guy in the power tool department at home depot who looked a lot like Elvis. Returned a sander.
  2. Whats the difference between a Mexican and a power tool? Power tools are found inside the Home Depot.
  3. Sir, we should stop testing our products on animals - Why? All the shampoo companies do it too.
    - yeah, but we make power tools
  4. Dentist I am not sure if it is the waterboarding,
    the unsterilised power tools,
    or the insistence that I quote from the Koran,
    but I think my dentist was trained by ISIS !!
  5. Some power tools come to life and start making friends with people in your neighborhood. You know the drill.
  6. What is the worst place to go on Black Friday? Awnser: Home Depot They have power tools lol
  7. I was attacked last night in the street by a bloke with a power tool. There I was just minding my own business then b**...!
  8. Did i tell you that someone hit me over the head with a power tool the other day? Minding my own business, then next minute b**....
  9. Some f*cking lunatic just hit me over the head with a power tool! I was just minding my own business when from out of nowhere... b**...!
  10. Some bloke hit me over the head with a power tool. I was minding my own business, then b**...

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Power Tools One Liners

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  1. How is Rihanna's boyfriend and power tools the same? They're both Black and Decker.
  2. What brand of power tools does chris brown use? Black and Deck Her
  3. Traditionally, orthopedic surgeons were strong and dumb. But now they have power tools.
  4. My friend didn't take one of his power tools seriously. Luckily it was just a drill.
  5. What's the pope's favorite power tool? A cathedrill
  6. What did the retired power tool take for its allergies? Benadryl.
  7. What is the best power tool to love? A Sawzall. Because it will reciprocate.
  8. What's Jesus's favorite power tool? A nail gun
  9. What's a musician's favorite power tool? A Bandsaw
  10. What is an astronaut's favorite power tool? An orbital sander
  11. Why are power tools good for bank robberies? They know the drill.
  12. Obscure Phobias 41. What do you call the Fear of Power Tools? Common Sense.

Power Tools Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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I bought a great power saw two years ago. I can't wait to use it.

The owner's manual said *Warning: Do not use this tool until you read and understand the entire instruction manual!*
But half of it is in Chinese! I'm getting there.

The Olive Garden

I was asking the waitress at the Olive Garden about their Slogan 'When you are here, you're Family'?
Then I asked her if I could borrow 50 dollars or some power tools that I promised to return with no real expectations of ever returning them.
I bet she talked bad about me after I left, because that's what families do.

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