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A woman stopped me in the street today and told me a joke.

After hearing it, I thought it had all the ingredients of a great joke: child abuse; incestual rape, tears, poverty and suffering; but I didn't understand the punchline.

Something about $10 a month...

How to make the world a better place.

How do you raise the literacy rate while simultaneously lowering the poverty ratio of a town near you?

All you have to do is drive as fast as possible through the Walmart parking lot.

Horrors of poverty

I've been around, you know. I've seen some of the poorest slums where children are starving and disease is rampant. Let me tell you, you've not seen anything, *anything* like it, until you've seen it in high-definition plasma!

Poverty joke, Horrors of poverty

David Cameron has said the UK's mission in Afghanistan is 'accomplished'...

David Cameron has said the UK's mission in Afghanistan is 'accomplished'.

We're leaving that country in a state of poverty and despair, where half the population can't read and daily life is blighted by the ever-present threat of needless violence.

Yes, we've brought the British way of life to them all right.

I do whatever I can to fight poverty

So the other day, I punched a tramp

(Courtesy of Milton Jones)

What do Indians live in?

Poverty. :(

The German tax evader in Switzerland

A German wants to bring his untaxed savings to a number account in Switzerland.

He sneaks into the bank, looks around and whispers to the bank assistant:
"Psst! I've got 2 million euros in my suitcase!"

The bank assistant replies in a normal voice:
"Why do you try to be so unsuspicious? Poverty is not a shame in Switzerland."

Poverty joke, The German tax evader in Switzerland

A little boy says to his dad

'What is the difference between wealth and poverty?'

And the dad says:

'Wealth is caviar, champagne and women. Poverty is hot pocket, beer and your mother!'

If you mix taco bell sauce into your ramen..

It tastes exactly like poverty.

Somewhere out there, there is a world with no war, no hate, no hunger, and no poverty.

It also has no oxygen.

What does a Ferrari and poverty have in common?

Princess Diana can't stop either

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How do you solve world hunger and poverty simultaneously?

By feeding the poor to the hungry.

I am the Dread Pirate Roberts of poverty.

Taking ever increasing doses, hoping that one day I'll become immune.

Do you know which country they only write songs about poverty in?


What does having kids bring you that money simply can't buy?


I'm addicted to poverty

If my bank account has money in it I suffer withdrawal.

Poverty joke, I'm addicted to poverty

Growing up in poverty, my mom was a lot like my anti-depressants...

Neither of them really worked.

Money can't buy happiness...

Poverty can't buy *Anything*

What does Ramen and Ketchup taste like together?


An American walks into a swiss bank with two large bags

He walks up to a teller and says quietly "I have 2 million dollars in cash that I need to deposit into a swiss bank account now"

The teller replies "Sir, there's no need to whisper, poverty is nothing to be ashamed of in Switzerland."

What line is the hardest to cross in africa?

The poverty line.

Poverty Commercials

How'd that saying go? Live fast, die young, or wait...other way around for them Ethiopian kids. Live young, die fast.

You can't put a load of rockstars up on a stage and expect to wipe out global poverty.

Thats ludicrous

I've been living with extreme poverty and disfigurement for over 40 years, but today, God finally answered my prayers!

He said no.

What's an African's favourite type of tea?


Poverty is poetry to me...

Mainly because I'm dyslexic.

what gets bigger the more you take away from it


One of North Korea's long term goals has been to eradicate poverty.

It sounds way better than eradicating the impoverished.

There's a banquet filled with Catholic Bishops

There's a banquet filled with Catholic Bishops. One of the waiters goes up to the Bishop and asks him how to become a Priest.

The Bishop tells him about the vows of poverty.

The waiter says 'if this is your idea of poverty I'd love to see your idea of chastity. :

Sex workers need to be more accepted in society

The profession as almost single handedly raised children out of poverty in places like Thailand

It's interesting how different parts of the country have different ways of saying the same thing.

For instance, in most parts of the country, having an income of $100k or more is called "making six figures".

However, here in San Francisco, we call that same thing "living above the poverty line".

How do female pornstars grow up.

In POVerty.

How do male pornstars start out?

In POVerty.

Mother Teresa goes in a bar.

Bartender : What would you like to drink?
Mother Teresa : Poverty on the Rocks!

My cousin found a different job and doubled her salary!

She went from being in poverty to being poor.

A Buddhist finds a Genie in a lamp

The genie says "I can grant you one wish." The Buddha says with tears in his eyes "I've always wanted to be Hispanic, and I have also lived this life of poverty. What I would really like is for you to make me Juan, with everything."

What is the difference between poverty and my ex-wife?

Poverty sucks.

I recently flew to Africa to do some charity work.

It was an eye-opening, shocking experience.
The poverty, the starvation, the fighting.... the *smell*, the noise....

I am never flying economy again.

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