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My Canadian friend eats a bowl of fries, cheese curds and brown gravy every single morning.

It's just his daily poutine.

Why do ISIS fighters avoid Montreal restaurants?

because they serve Poutine.

Do you know what I like doing with poutine?

Poutine it in my mouth

Poutine joke, Do you know what I like doing with poutine?

What's a Russian's favorite food?

Vladimir Poutine

The Canadian restaurant by my house has been closed for renovations.

They're just doing some poutine maintenance.

What do you call a Russian guy in Canada?

Vladimir Poutine

If USA invaded Canada, Russia would save them...

Because they've got poutine!

Poutine joke, If USA invaded Canada, Russia would save them...

What do you call a Russian president that's also Canadian?

Vladimir Poutine

A Canadian visits Russia

A Canadian visits Russia and goes to a restaurant that serves fries with gravy and cheese. He says, "I hate this poutine".

He was never seen again.

What's Russia's favorite dish?


Putin has an 87% approval in Canada!

Whoops, I meant to say Poutine.

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I'm opening a Canadian-Russian fusion restaurant…

It's called Vladimir Poutine.

How much poutine was left after the hockey game?


Why did the chicken cross the garden?

To get to the Canadian side.

Please come north, we have poutine

Canadian communism was amazing!

And it was all thanks to Vladimir Poutine.

What do you get when you mix a Russian President, potato chips, gravy and cheese curds?


Poutine joke, What do you get when you mix a Russian President, potato chips, gravy and cheese curds?

If Russia declared war on Quebec

It would be Putin versus Poutine

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