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An slow witted poultry farmer says to his friend, "If can guess how many chickens I have in this bag...

...I'll give them both to you!".

Why does duck taste better than turkey?

Because turkey is just poultry in comparison.

Indian chicks are far better looking than the ones from the west

thanks to our revolutionary poultry farming techniques

Poultry joke, Indian chicks are far better looking than the ones from the west

What is the most popular Canadian poultry restaurant?

Chic-fil, eh?

What do you call someone who raises poultry?

A chicken tender.

Why do NBA players like poultry?

Because they love to slam duck!

Chicken stock has gone up today,

but only by a poultry sum.

Poultry joke, Chicken stock has gone up today,

what do you call a dancing chicken?

poultry in motion

What do you call poultry that glows in the dark?

Chicken Kiev

A farmer decided to sell all of his chickens to the highest bidder...

It was poultry in auction

I was addicted to freezing poultry.

I had to go cold turkey.

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What is William Shakespeare's favorite kind of meat?


Turns out I'm addicted to refigerated poultry.

I've gotta quit cold turkey.

What do you call a mix between holiday poultry and a ghoul?

A gobblin. I'll see myself out...

If apples grow on an apple tree, where do chickens grow?

A poultry

What do you call a pathetic number of chickens?

A poultry sum.

Poultry joke, What do you call a pathetic number of chickens?

A cheap chick

A cheap chick only costs a poultry amount...

Sometimes me and my friends get together to talk about chicks

It's a poultry slam.

What do you call a disease that paralyzes half of a chickens face?

Bells Poultry

I took my sister and her friends to a poultry farm the other week

It wasn't the hen night she was expecting

What kind of tree lays eggs?

A poultry.

I went to the shop to buy a chicken late one Sunday....

...and upon finding the shelves mostly empty remarked;

''Oh dear, what a poultry selection''

I had a job counting chickens, but I quit.

It only paid a poultry sum.

I was working in poultry and a women held up a package and asked me, "When does the chicken expire?"

"At the factory, when they cut its head off."

What are battles between birds called?

Poultry Slam

If poultry was money, would we call it "chicken tender"?

My sister recently went to a poultry farm

What kind of poultry is good at dancing?

A twerkey!

Apologies for the awful joke. Thought of it this morning and it made me laugh for an unreasonable length of time.

Don't trust the farmer! The poultry he advertised was far better than the produce he sold!

When I challenged him, he only apologised for giving me a misleading egg-sample.

What do you call a haunted heb house?

A poultry geist .

What is your best chicken joke?

I feel like this is a surprisingly big catergory in joke telling. So what's your poultry related pun?

If you have two hundred chickens, you have a poultry farm.

If you have two chickens, you have a paltry farm.

Where did the Chickens cast their Votes?

The Poultry.

I'll see myself out.

Overheard in poultry section: When does the turkey expire?

Me: About ten seconds after you cut the head off.

Happy Thanksgiving

Who's your favourite Canadian music icon that also practices advanced culinary technique which enhances the flavour of poultry at the atomic level?

Brine Atoms

What did Col. Sanders say to S. Truett Cathy?

Ah, I see you are a man of poultry as well.

I lost everything investing in poultry

That's what you get for putting your money in chicken stock.

How did the poultry farmer become wealthy?

He sold all his chicken stock

What kind of tree does a chicken grow on?

A poultry.

(came up with that in the shower)

What kind of tree does a chicken grow on ?

A poultry

What do you call a chicken that moves ever so gracefully?

Poultry in motion

I had a dream last night about dancing chickens...

It was like poultry in motion.

What do you call an uprising in a poultry farm?

A chicken coup

A chicken crossing the road is ...

... truly poultry in motion.

Farming experiment

A poultry farmer walks into a bar and orders a white wine spritzer. "Hey Bob," the bartender says. "How's your chicken cross-breeding experiment going this week?" "Pretty good," the farmer replies. "I crossed a chicken with a duck. Now I have a chicken that lays down."

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