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what's the difference between a crack head and a pot head?

If a crackhead overdoses you find them dead in the gutter, if pothead overdoses you find them asleep in the fridge.

What do pothead barbarians say when 420 rolls around?

420 raze it!

Why couldn't the stoner simplify his binomials in front of the class?

Because a watched pothead never FOILS.

What do you call an abusive pothead?

A weed whacker.

What do potheads do when they see a fire?

Stop, drop, and roll

A pothead, a rapist and a dog killer walk into a bar.

The Steelers must be in town.

How do you bury a pothead?


Pothead joke, How do you bury a pothead?

How did the pothead propose to his girlfriend?

"Marriage.. you wanna?"

What do you call a pothead that murders?

Stonedface killer.

How did one pothead greet the other?


I have a friend who says he's a pothead but only takes one hit and then he's stoned.

He's not a pothead, he's a mari-wanna be.

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Four Liars and a Pothead walk into a bar...

And someone says, "Hey, look! It's the US Olympic Swimming Team!"

What do you call a pothead that breaks up with his girlfriend?


What is the average height of a pothead?


Why can't a a pothead who is addicted to masturbation board a flight?

He's a high jacker.

"I'm not a pothead..."

"I'm not a pothead, I'm a stoner-sapien." - Things you hear on the train

Pothead joke, "I'm not a pothead..."

The only advertisement a pothead notices...

Are propa-ganja.

Why don't potheads have close friends?

They smoke their best buds

Where do all the potheads stay when they are at hotels

Floor 20

What does a muscular pothead have for breakfast?

Shredded Wheat

There is a fence

A deer walks up to the fence and jumps over it.

An antelope walks up to the fence and goes under it.

A French guy walks up to the fence and surrenders.

A German guy walks up to the fence and builds a bigger gun.

An Italian walks up to the fence and starts eating pasta.

A pothead walks up to the fence, sits on it and starts smoking weed.

An American walks up to the fence, shoots the pothead, tests how sturdy the fence is, and strips it up to put it on the Mexican border.

Why did the pothead have weak knees and elbows?

He didnt have any joints.

How do potheads propose?

"Marriage....you wanna?"

The difference between a high school pothead vs. a college pothead

Is realizing to get the food before smoking week rather than after

If A Pothead Has 13 Joints

That makes it a baker's dozen.

Why did the pothead seem so smart?

Because all of his buds were so dense...

Pothead joke, Why did the pothead seem so smart?

What did the pothead want for Christmas

A body

Police Officer: "How high are you?"

Pothead: "No officer, it's "Hi, How are you?"

In honor of 420

Police Officer: "How high are you?"

Pothead: "No officer, it's "Hi, How are you?"

How did the pothead propose to his GF?


How do you find a pothead in a crowd?

You weed them out

Instead of a Handyman, my apartment complex has a Handywoman.

She's a bit of a pothead but damn good at her job. Today she asked me if I wanted to smoke with her but I declined cuz I can't stand high maintenance women.

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