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How can you potentially kill someone with some Potassium, Nickel & Iron

With a KNiFe

They say that there is a potential murderer in every friend group

I suspected it was Dave so I killed him before he could harm anyone.

Potentially funny joke

One day I went to the pet store and picked up some bird seeds. Then, as I was standing in line to purchase them, the cashier was trying to make some small talk with me and I asked, "So how long does it take for the birds to actually grow?" I wonder why she looked at me funny?

Potent joke, Potentially funny joke

Potential Employer: We're going to need to do a background check, see if you have a police record.

Potential vs realistic

A boy asked his dad to help him with his homework explaining potential vs realistic.

Dad tells the boy to ask his mom if she would sleep with an old man for 1 million dollars.

The boy asks and she says yes.

Dad tells the boy to ask his college aged sister the same. He does and she says yes.

The boys tells his dad what they said and the dad says:

"Potentially we are millionaires but realistically we are living with a couple of whores"

How is potential energy like a potential future?

When you fall down a cliff you're getting rid of both.

Potentially offensive Muslim pick-up line [NSFW]

Hey girl, are you prayer? Because I'd love to do you 5 times a day

Potent joke, Potentially offensive Muslim pick-up line [NSFW]

You have so much potential

But no kinetic energy, therefore you will never go anywhere in life.

The most potent strain of marijuana has just been released to the public

reports say consumption has reached an all-time high

Anything has the potential to become a DUI checkpoint...

if you crash your car into it.

Did you hear about the new strain of marijuana so potent you won't even be able to stand on your own two feet?

They call it tumbleweed

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Whenever I see the sign reduce speed ahead I turn around

I don't buy less potent drugs

Where do potential Ben and Jerry employees go to learn the trade?

Where do chemical engineers make the most potent mixtures?

Concentration camps.

Why are there no fertility clinics in Arkansas?

Sooner or later they find a potent cousin.

What do you call a gas that's potent enough to end all wars?

A Nobel gas.

Potent joke, What do you call a gas that's potent enough to end all wars?

We don't use our whole potential

Did you know that the average human being only uses 10% of Microsoft Excel?

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