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Gardens (only clean joke I know)

Why don't you tell secrets in a garden?

Because the corn have ears, the potatos have eyes and the beanstalk.

How many potatos do you need to kill an Irishman?


Putin and Medvedev go to a high class restaurant.

Putin says to the waiter "For the meat I want a rib-eye steak, medium rare. The potatos are to be baked with sour cream".

The waiter asks "what about the vegetable?"

Putin looks at Medvedev and back to the waiter and says, "He'll have the same"

What do you call two Scottish potatos who have just recived a rock as a prize?

Kilt tubers with won stone.

The guy from the seed store is very stupid

I asked Him for potato seeds and He gave Me a full sack of potatos instead.

Potatos aren't very attractive

...until they've been with someone appealing for a while.

My Cheesy Redneck Joke

Bill, I cant post to Youtube no more. All these average potatos on there are agitating me.

*Average Potatos?*

Yeah, you know. Them Common Taters.

What do you call a group of special needs kids in a car trash compactor??

Mashed potatos.

What type of cow produces both milk and potatos?

Your Mother.

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