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How many Southern Baptists does it take to change a lightbulb?

At least fifteen: One to change the bulb, and three committees to approve the change and to decide who is bringing the potato salad.
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A Prime Rib, A Baked Potato, and a Garden Salad walk into a bar...

The bartender snaps his head away from the newspaper and yells, "Beat it, guys!" "We don't serve food!"

What did Jeffrey d**... do when he found out his victim had down syndrome?

He made a potato salad.

What do you call a group of people with down syndrome

a potato salad.

Los Angeles Homeless...
Homeless people here are different.
You ever notice that?
Our homeless people are serious, man.
They have signs that not only say, "Will work for food," some of them have what they want: "Baked potato, salad, shrimp, sweet potato pie, sour chives."

Mike Pence and Donald Trump walk into a steakhousehouse...

After a long night of campaigning in Nebraska Donald Trump and Mike Pence end up at Outback Steakhouse, where they are seated alone.
The waiter approaches with pen and pad, and asks "What can I get for you gentlemen tonight?"
"I'll take the New York s**..., well done. Can't stand the sight of blood." Replies Donald Trump.
"Very good sir. What kind of dressing would you like on your salad?"
"Ranch, the greatest American dressing." Trump says confidently.
"Good choice Mr President. And for the potato?"
"Oh, he'll have a well done New York s**..., too".

I hate polish jokes

I went into a deli the other day and I ask for a polish sausage. The deli man says " oh you must be polish"
I said "what why would you think that because I'm polish, I gotta order a polish sausage?"
I says "if I guy came in and ordered German potato salad, would you consider that guy a German?" I says "if I guy comes in and ordered french toast, I suppose you'd think he was a Frenchman"
I said " I think it's outrageous that just because I come In here and order a polish sausage that you just assume I'm polish"
I said "why would you think I'm polish just because of that?"
He says "because this is a hardware store."
Not my joke credit to norm

a dyslexic customer walks into a bra

"how much for a beer?"
The bartender replies "$1".
The customer completely amazed, orders a beer then asks the bartender
"Well then how much for a NY sirloin, with side of mashed potatoes and salad, and an entire cheesecake for desert?"
The Bartender reply's "$5".
The guy still amazed then orders everything and after he is done eating his meal then says "Wow, this place is amazing, I really wish I could meet the owner of this place". The bartender then says "Oh well, he's upstairs in his office with my wife".
The guy looks all confused then asks
"What is he doing upstairs in his office with your wife?"
The bartender then says "The same thing I'm doing to his business".

What do you call mexican potato salad?

Juan Cena

What did Dave Matthews see when he spilled the potato salad at the picnic?

Ants Marching

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