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Best Short Pot Pie Jokes

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  1. 2 cannibals... ...are eating. One turns the other and says "You know, I really don't like my sister." The other cannibal replies "Fine then, try the p**... pie."
  2. (My 3 favorite things are) My 3 favorite things are chicken p**... pie. Doesn't even have to be in that order.
  3. Now that w**... is legal in Canada... There is a whole new meaning to Grandma's chicken p**... pie.
  4. My Jewish girlfriend said that if I really loved her I would convert for her So I told her to bake my p**... pie at 176.667 degrees.
  5. I know a guy who OD'd on p**.... He choked on a moon pie.
    (I don't know who came up with this joke, but it wasn't me)

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Pot Pie One Liners

Which pot pie one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with pot pie? I can suggest the ones about pizza crust and pop tarts.

  1. My four favorite things My four favorite things are chicken p**... pie and omitting commas.
  2. Chicken p**... Pie. My three favorite things.
  3. I'd like to make a toast to Chicken p**... Pie. Three of my favorite things.
  4. What do you eat on 4/20? p**... pie
  5. What do people in Colorado eat on 3/14/15? p**... pie.
  6. Chicken p**... Pie! Three of my fav things :)
  7. (OC) Why did the chicken get high? Because it got baked in a p**... pie.
  8. What's Bob Marley's favorite dessert? p**... pie.
  9. What do you feed someone from Colorado on 3/14/15? p**... pie.
  10. Yo momma's so s**..., she thought Chicken p**... Pie was a fraternity!
  11. What did the hippie eat for dinner? A p**... pie.

Pot Pie Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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A middle aged woman walks into a grocery store…

She has been single for the past 5 years and is extremely lonely. She proceeds to collect a few things here and there from throughout the store. Lip balm, a gallon of milk, a few rolls of paper towels, chicken p**... pies, and laundry detergent.
When she finishes finding all of her items she proceeded to the checkout counter. Immediately after she got in line a man came up behind her and began to wait as well. He had a 12 pack with him and was obviously drunk. He was staring at her groceries then up at her, swaying back and forth trying to keep balance.
You must be single? he asked her.
Normally she would ignore a stranger talking to her, especially one this drunk, but she was for some reason slightly intrigued. She noticed he kept looking at her groceries and up at her. Maybe he thought she was single based off what she was purchasing. Maybe he could point out something that would help her find someone to love.
Yes, I am single , she said. But can you tell me something? How can you tell I'm single? she said as she looked down at the few things in her basket.
cause….. he struggled to stand up and looked her in the eye. cause you're ugly.

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