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I used to be in a band called 'Missing Cat'

You've probably seen our posters.

My blonde neighbour has put 'Missing Cat' posters all over the trees on our estate.

I said to her, "I thought your cat died last week, Becky?"

"It did," she replied, "That's why I'm missing him."

What's the difference between the jokes I read today, and the jokes I read last week?

The posters.

Posters joke, What's the difference between the jokes I read today, and the jokes I read last week?

Semantics really

I woke up this morning and found a bunch of missing person posters around town that said "Offering reward for any information".

I promptly ran to a phone, called them up and told them my favourite colour was blue.

Top Reddit posters should use their karma to help the envioronment

They are already experts at recycling.

I spent this past weekend baby-proofing my house...

I'm not having a baby, but I hung up a bunch of anime posters to make sure that I never do.

Milk did it, but Tropicana wouldn't put missing children posters on their bottles.

They said nobody wanted to hear that OJ is looking for kids.

Posters joke, Milk did it, but Tropicana wouldn't put missing children posters on their bottles.

A bounty hunter walks . . .

. . into the Sheriffs office and asks if he has any wanted posters.

" I just got the one today" He replies, "The Brown Paper Kid"

The bounty hunter asks "Why do they call him the Brown Paper Kid"

"Well he's got a brown paper hat, brown paper shirt, brown paper shoes and brown paper pants"

"Okay sure. Whats he wanted for?"


My cousin is obsessed with football (soccer). So when I entered his room...

When I entered his room and saw that it was covered in posters of a famous Argentinian player, I thought to myself...

That's a Messi room.

Legalising weed

My campaign for legalising weed is going well, I've placed posters everywhere, I call it _Propaganja_.

I've just started a band.

Were called Missing Cat might of even seen the posters for us.

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I thought I saw someone I knew putting up Rick Santorum posters

but I couldn't get a propaganda at him.

I'm in a band!

It's called Lost Cat.

You're probably seen some of our posters.

My dentist has the inside of his whole building covered in posters of teeth, gums, toothbrushes etc.

God was i relieved to see that its not industry standard when I took my wife to the gynaecologist...

A buddy and I were thinking of starting a band called 'Yard Sale'.

Just think of all the free publicity posters!

There was a dwarf fortune-teller who was wanted by the police...

It appears he was guilty of fraud and scammed people out of thousands of dollars with false predictions. When the police put out the 'wanted' posters for him they just read as follows:

Small medium at large.

Posters joke, There was a dwarf fortune-teller who was wanted by the police...

Two English chavs

English chav 1: Oi lost moi dog, innit.
English chav 2: Blimey, you doin' something to find it?
English chav 1: Yeah, I put posters up all over town, didden oi.
English chav 2: Wot you put on the posters then?
English chav 1: Here boy

I really love Bruce Willis. I have all of his movies, hundreds of posters, and multiple autographs

You might say that I'm a die-hard fan

My girlfriend and I stole some Henry VIII posters from a second-hand shop.

It was a great free-king time.

What is the best place for politicians?

Election posters. There they are portable, silent and easy to remove.

One thing I like about ignorant posts you see on facebook news are the profiles of the posters,

It only reinforces the fact that inbreeding still exists.

2 girls put up posters late at night...

You ever notice how most stand-up specials have the comedian in darkness on the cover art? There's usually a lot of black in the posters.

Except for Kevin Hart's. There's only a little black on his.

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