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  1. Yesterday I accidentally sent a n**... picture of myself to everyone in my address book. Not only was it embarrassing but it cost a fortune in stamp.
  2. Why was the physicist angry at the postage stamp? Because no matter how hard he tried, it just wouldn't gluon.
  3. There were two postage stamps that were forbidden from wedding one another... In the end they env-eloped
  4. Q: How are blondes like postage stamps?
    A: You lick'm, stick'em, and send'em on their way.
  5. Chuck Norris doesent need a postage stamp... 
    He just tells the letter where to go and it gets there.
  6. So the United States federal government was going to release a Donald Trump postage stamp... But decided against it fearing people wouldn't know which side to spit on.
  7. What kind of tattoo does a Postal Service worker get? A t**... stamp, and it says, "No postage necessary if nailed in the US."
  8. So I accidentally sent n**... to everyone in my address book. Worst part about it? Cost me a small fortune in postage stamps.

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Postage Stamps One Liners

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  1. what travels around the world but stays in one corner? postage stamp
  2. What I know about postage could be written on the back of a stamp... Or could it?
  3. Yo' Mama is like a postage stamp: you lick, you stick, you send her away.

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Ariel Sharon postage stamp

Ariel Sharon wants a postage stamp issued with his picture on it before he is kicked out of office.
So, he instructs his people, stressing that it should be of high International quality. The stamps are created, printed, and released. Sharon is very pleased.
But within a few days of release of the stamp, he begins hearing complaints that the stamp is not sticking, and he becomes infuriated.
He calls the people responsible and orders them to investigate the matter.
They check the matter out at several post offices, and they report the problem to Sharon.
The report states, "There is nothing wrong with the quality of the stamp.The problem is that people are spitting on the wrong side."

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