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US Postal Service was considering a new Trump postage stamp...

But in the early focus-group testing, most people were spitting on the wrong side causing the stamp not to stick to the envelopes.

what travels around the world but stays in one corner?

postage stamp

Wet Mail

A man one morning walks out to his mailbox to get his mail. He opens the door, reaches in, and he can feel that the mail is all wet. He gets very upset that his mail is soggy and ruined. He flags down the mailman who has not made it very far and asks..

"Whats the deal with the wet mail?!"

The mailman stone faced looks back at the man and says

"It's because there is Postage Dew."

Postage joke, Wet Mail

Have you heard the one about the letter with no postage?

You wouldn't get it.

EA to donate 50% of profits from future titles to starving children around the world.

After they make them purchase the postage, packing materials, fuel for the planes, silverware, plates, drinking cups, seasonings, construct hand out facilities, eating establishments, refuse disposal, environmental studies on said refuse disposal, labor costs and finally any and all expenses from Frank Gaybeau's cocaine induced, hotel filled, 5 figure by the hour escort stuffed full on satanic orgy fest.

What kind of tattoo does a Postal Service worker get?

A tramp stamp, and it says, "No postage necessary if nailed in the US."

So I accidentally sent nudes to everyone in my address book.

Worst part about it? Cost me a small fortune in postage stamps.

Postage joke, So I accidentally sent nudes to everyone in my address book.

Why was the physicist angry at the postage stamp?

Because no matter how hard he tried, it just wouldn't gluon.

There were two postage stamps that were forbidden from wedding one another...

In the end they env-eloped

What I know about postage could be written on the back of a stamp...

Or could it?

So the United States federal government was going to release a Donald Trump postage stamp...

But decided against it fearing people wouldn't know which side to spit on.

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