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What do u call a cute portal?

"A door-able"

What do you call a bathroom in a wormhole?

A portal potty.

what do you call a cute portal?

a doorable

Because I'm such a Portal 2 fan, I created my own levels.

Sadly, none of the "volunteers" have made it out alive and their families are starting to ask questions.

What's a Russian online portal where you can see what shows aren't available in your country?


I didn't believe it when they told me the government had accidentally opened a portal to another dimension while trying to spy on the Russians...

But I guess stranger things have happened.

Little Johnny meets his future self.

One day Little Johnny was in his room practicing piano. When suddenly a portal opens revealing Big Johnny, little Johnny's future self. Little Johnny excitedly asks Big Johnny "What am I going to be in the future." Big Johnny replies "A pedophile" as he closes the lights and doors.

In a world of trolls hidden behind the shadows of a portal to another reality. How come one does not simply learn how to troll?

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