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You know how dolphins rape a lot?

They do it on porpoise.

What did the dolphin say when he got in trouble?

"I didn't do it on Porpoise!!"

What do philosophical dolphins say?

What's the porpoise?

Porpoise joke, What do philosophical dolphins say?

A Dolphin meets the Buddha...

The Buddha says you may ask me any question young dolphin and I shall answer for you.
The Dolphin thinks about what he should ask and after several minutes of soul searching he ask the Buddha "What is my Porpoise in life?"

What did the sea-world trainer's friend say to him after he spilled water on his friends lap?

You did that on porpoise

Why did the dolphin kill himself?

A lack of porpoise.

Why was the dolphin keeper depressed?

Because he had no porpoise.

Porpoise joke, Why was the dolphin keeper depressed?

Why was the dolphin sad?

He had no porpoise in life.

Did you hear about the man who bought a dolphin?

He didn't want to live life without a porpoise!

Did you hear about the guy who was caught having sex at Sea World?

Apparently he did it on porpoise.

Thought I could put dolphin in my fish pie.

Until I noticed I was using all porpoise flour.

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So scientists have invented a way to turn dolphins nearly invisible

It's pretty neat, but I don't really see the porpoise.

What did the nihilistic sea world trainer say to his boss?

"There is no porpoise."

My dolphin died...

I have no porpoise in life.

Sea World threw me out for trying to ride the manatee

What's the big deal? It's not like I did it on porpoise!

Did you hear about the man who murdered a dolphin?

He was said to have done it on porpoise.

Porpoise joke, Did you hear about the man who murdered a dolphin?

Why was the dolphin depressed?

It had no porpoise in life

Marine Biologists

A team of marine biologists accidentally catch a porpoise in one of their nets. They about to let it go, when they notice it has feet! They study it and perform tests, and are now ready to release it. One of the biologists asks, "Why don't we cut its feet off?" To which the other replies, "That would defeat the porpoise!"

THERAPIST: What's the problem with your marriage? WIFE: He replaces words with animal names just to annoy me

ME: I don't do it on porpoise

Why couldn't the dolphin choose a career?

She had no sense of porpoise.

What did the depressed dolphin say?

I need a porpoise.

Why did the fisherman commit suicide when the last dolphin died?

Because his life had no porpoise.

Anybody see that movie about the dog who befriends a dolphin?

A Dog's Porpoise

A dolphin trespassed and took over my pool...

I guess I could drain it, but that would defeat the porpoise.

I heard that dolphins have vestigial legs...

It would seem evolution defeeted the porpoise.

Why was God hesitant to implement his evolution idea?

He worried it would defeet the porpoise.

I bought a dolphin

Now my life has a porpoise.

Why don't dolphins make mistakes?

They do everything on porpoise.

I thought of this myself, but I'm probably late to the punch.

I saw a chap dashing though town with what looked like a dolphin tucked under his arm.

I thought to myself, "now there's a guy with a porpoise".

My wife started swimming for exercise...

she said it gave her a sense of porpoise.

What do you use to clean dolphins and whales?

All porpoise cleaner

Why can't you ever accidentally ride a dolphin?

Because it's always on porpoise

Help I killed a dolphin!!!

It wasn't on porpoise.

New Original joke

I had sex on top of a dolphin,
You could say I did it on porpoise.

Why was the dolphin happy?

It found a porpoise in life.

What do you call a dolphin that doesn't know what to do with its life?

A porpoise without a purpose.

This is my own material, be kind :)

Why dont they allow harpoons in dolphin hospitals?

It defeats the porpoise

I got so angry with poachers illegally killing dolphins that I began randomly implanting some with tiny bombs.

But it just ended up defeating the porpoise.

A mermaid finally got off the couch and hit the gym once she found a dolphin physical trainer.

She moved with a porpoise.

A dolphin graduated from college with a philosophy major.

He thought, "what's my porpoise now?"

What is a dolphin's favorite book?

The porpoise driven life.

What did the dolphin say during its existential crisis?

I feel that my life has no porpoise.

I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do with my life until i discovered dolphin-watching.

You could say I found my porpoise.

Why are dolphins so passionate?

Because they have a sense of porpoise.

Why did the dolphin cross the road?

No porpoise.

My Marine Biologist friend was so excited about her job.

She said she's found her life porpoise.

Scientists have discovered a way to make dolphins nearly invisible to the human eye.

I don't really see the porpoise.

A Texas Biologist

A Texas biologist, who discovered that the life of a porpoise could be prolonged indefinitely if it were fed a steady diet of seagulls, has been arrested at the Louisiana border. He faces charges of transporting gulls across state lines for immortal porpoises.

Did you know that dolphins have existential crisis too?

They wonder if their life has a porpoise.

Even though Sea World is shut down, the animals still need to be taken care of

Obama answers the call for volunteers. On his first day, they assign him to feed the baby dolphins.

As he is doing so, another volunteer accosts him "Our country is in crisis. Don't you have anything better to do?"

He replied "I think I'm serving a youthful porpoise."

Did you know that dolphins can commit suicide

On porpoise?

An old man owned a dolphin

A few kids went to the old man and asked

"Why do you own a dolphin?"

The old man smiled and said

"When I was younger my dreams were crushed so I bought a dolphin."

He smiled.

"Buying him gave me a porpoise in life."

A scientist is looking to conduct an experiment using dolphins

He goes to the pet store and asks the clerk if they have any dolphins

The clerk responds We don't have any dolphins, but would a whale work?

The scientist responds No thank you, that defeats the porpoise

I'm so sad since my pet marine mammal died.

It's like my life has no porpoise anymore.

So everyone is getting mad at me after telling jokes about marine wildlife

I think it's a turtle over reaction. It just being shellfish and it's giving me a bad haddock. I mean, I don't do them on porpoise...

For my cake day, a joke I made up as a kid: Why is Aquaman such a dedicated super hero?

Because he was born with a sense of porpoise.

From my 8 yr old: Why did the girl dolphin not forgive the boy dolphin?

Because he did it on porpoise!

I'd make a joke about a Dolphin

But I don't see the Porpoise.

My buddy has been really depressed since his pet dolphin died.

His life has no porpoise.

Did you hear about the dolphin being killed?

Apparently it was on porpoise.

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