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Why are waiters terrible pornstars?

They only want the tip

How many pornstars does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

I don't know... I skipped the intro.

What's the turnover rate for pornstars?


Pornstars joke, What's the turnover rate for pornstars?

What's the difference between Finebros and Humiliation pornstars?

Humiliation pornstars get the money they want.

Where are male pornstars buried?


If girls have two X chromosomes...

Do pornstars have 3 X chromosomes?

What are pornstars paid?


Pornstars joke, What are pornstars paid?

How many porn-stars can screw in light bulbs?

None. Porn-stars cant fit in light bulbs.

Why aren't pornstars of noble birth?

They common people.

How many pornstars does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Two, and a really big lightbulb.

How do pornstars get paid?

Incum + tips

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First Executive Order:

All pornstars must now be blonde.

I often hear people say 'You are what you eat'..

Does that mean all pornstars are 'gender fluid'?

[NSFW] What do male pornstars and miners have in common?

They both specialise in drilling 'ores.

What gets whiter as the more it gets dirtier?

A pornstars face.

Why do pornstars enjoy working as waitresses?

Because they always get the tip

Pornstars joke, Why do pornstars enjoy working as waitresses?

What is a pornstars favorite drink?

7 up n cider

Where are the best pornstars from?


Two male pornstars are in a masterbating competition

Their names are chicken and egg

What do pornstars do to avoid getting nervous on set?

They picture everybody dressed.

Why do pornstars never overheat?

Because they keep their fans turned on

How do architects, engineers and male pornstars gain fame?

Through their erections.

Pornstars love Irish baristias

They always after that irish cremè

What do pornstars do in Thailand?


Step parents

Why do pornstars have so many of them?

Why are so many pornstars so rich?

They get paid loads.

What do you call a group of suspicious glowing pornstars?


How do female pornstars grow up.

In POVerty.

How do male pornstars start out?

In POVerty.

What do pornstars get for sponsors.

Oral B.

I'll walk myself out.

What's a pornstars favourite nut?


Why do female pornstars never take up a second careers flying helicopters in the airforce?

They get them up fine, but they have no experience getting a black hawk down.

What's a pornstars favorite beverage?


What was the one-armed pornstars biggest accomplishment?

She single-handedly Jerked off an entire football team

What's a pornstars favourite Christmas carol?

Oh come on my face full...

Why should you respect pornstars more than structural engineers?

Most pornstars I've seen are better at handling distributed loads.

Male pornstars have the worst job.

It's always a hard day at work.

Future historians will have difficulties studying about our pornstars

because we delete them from our history.

Products with what deals do pornstars buy?

Bang for buck.

What do pornstars and gamers have in common?

They both aim for the head

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