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So PornHub recently revealed what people all over the world were searching most frequently; finally answering a question I've always asked...

What is this world coming to!?

Pornhub has banned submissions of the Germany-Brazil game.

They don't allow rape videos.

I searched for 'wardrobe malfunction' on pornhub and it showed me a video about Narnia

Pornhub joke, I searched for 'wardrobe malfunction' on pornhub and it showed me a video about Narnia

I tried uploading my sex tape to PornHub.

They told me to try Vine.

No pornhub, I don't want to play online poker.

I'm at work.

New sex technique

A man and his wife are in bed and things start to heat up. After a little bit of foreplay the man suddenly stops. His wife asks "What's wrong? Is it me?" The man replies " No I learned this on Pornhub, it's called buffering."

Why does PornHub have a share button? I don't everyone to know I use Facebook.

Pornhub joke, Why does PornHub have a share button? I don't everyone to know I use Facebook.

Thanksgiving is probably the only day that there are more searches for "stuffing" on Google than on PornHub.

I tried to upload the COD: Infinite warfare trailer to pornhub

But they don't accept rape.

Roses are red, Violets are blue...

Pornhub is down, your facebook will do ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ)

I wanted to upload the Mexico-Chile game to PornHub...

... but PornHub said they don't accept rape.

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How did Kanye find out that Kim was bound, gagged, and held at gunpoint?

She released the video on pornhub.

(Too soon?)

My professor called me into his office.

"Your essays are good", he said. "But you need to come up with more reliable sources for the quotes you use."

"But sir," I started, "a man once said 'It is not the speaker that defines the merits of the words, but the words themselves.'"

He sighed. "Who did? Who said that?"

"Dave69 on Pornhub."

A recruiter asked me if I wanted to be a hardcore developer

I said sure, I've always wanted to work for PornHub

Why is pornhub so busy today?

Because it's erection day!

I asked an atheist "How do you view homosexuality?"

He replied "Mostly on pornhub"

Pornhub joke, I asked an atheist "How do you view homosexuality?"

Pornhub now makes you view an ad before you can watch your video.

Is this what the world is coming to?

What does a PornHub developer get deducted from their pay?


What's the biggest difference between Google and Pornhub?

I'm willing to go to the 2nd page of search results on Pornhub.


During sex I suddenly stopped, my girlfried asked why.

Shhh i said, i saw this on pornhub, its called buffering!

Welcome to PornHub!

We will be looking forward to you hard at work here!

I noticed that youtube video thumbnails now play an animated gif when you hover over them.

When i noticed this, i was laying in bed with my conservative, traditional girlfriend, but without thinking, i say out-loud, "Oh, youtube finally caught up to pornhub with that awesome feature."

My girlfriend: What?
Me: What?

Why are incest videos so popular on PornHub right now?

Because West Virginia finally got internet access.

Ever since I got Pornhub Premium local women in my area haven't been interested in me.

Help what do I do?

Pornhub: "We've lost 20% of our traffic last week."

Yeah, sorry, I was travelling.

Which is the better deal, YouTube Red or PornHub Premium?

PornHub Premium; you get far more bang for your buck.

I was standing just next to Aj1t Pa1 when he was using Tor Browser ...

I peeked at his PornHub account and his username was AJ1T_3.14Inches

I saw an ad for a php developer at Pornhub the other day

It was really attractive but I don't know if I could bring myself to admit before my friends and family that I do php

Since the crash, I haven't been able to use my hand properly.

Hopefully Pornhub will be up and working again soon.

I must have a huge family.

Whenever I click related on PornHub is all people I've never seen before.


tells me there are hot singles in my area, ready to date me. Tinder is the exact opposite of that. There are hot singles, yet none of them want date me.

"Why are you single?", She asked.

"I have Pornhub premium, He replied

It's ridiculous that Pornhub has a share button for Google+.

I mean, why would I ever let anyone know I have a Google+ account.

Writing "no hookups" on Tinder is like

going to PornHub for the ads.

Pornhub was sued a few months ago by xhamster

The trial was long and hard, but ended with a hung jury

Pornhub are masters of clickbait... may as well go and call them masterbaters

A study has revealed that curvy hips indicate smart women who deliver intelligent children.

So that's what my son's been looking for on PornHub, a smart woman.

Skyrim guards and Pornhub share a similar rule

No Loli Gagging

I tried uploading Eminems response to MGK on pornhub

But it doesn't allow rape

Pornhub has managed to take over the adult video industry...

And they've done it single-handedly!

This is a bad one

I was once at a party. After some time I noticed that I lost my watch. I was looking for it everywhere. I finally saw it laying on the floor on the other side of the room. When I got there, I witnessed how some guy stepped on it, while harassing a girl. Filled with rage I went up to him and punched him on the nose. No one treats a girl like that. Not on my watch!

P.s.: not mine I found it in the comments on pornhub

Pornhub premium users are like jesus

They pay for our sins.

Found an old video I used to watch on pornhub

It was a blast from the past

I thought I'd surprise my new girlfriend after a recent movie talk we had. So, tonight when she came over, I had a Pornhub movie with a prostitute scenario on. She saw it, told me to never talk to her again, and stormed out.

I am starting to think she told me she likes horror movies ...

Roses are red, violets are blue

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I don't have a Valentine

But PornHub will do

If pornhub has taught me anything...

It's how to have a good father-daughter relationship

*Remade post cause spelling error in title was killing me*

What section on Pornhub do people from Alabama go to the most?


What do you trust more than the government?

The ads on Pornhub telling me girls within 3 miles of my location want to hook up.

We just found out that my grandfather left all his money to Pornhub.

Apparently it was there for him during the hard times.

PornHub now requires all visitors to watch at least 5 minutes of dwarf MILF content before accessing other videos.

That's the bare mini mum.

What's tye difference between a lentil and a chickpea

You can't watch a lentil on pornhub

Pornhub is making a big change

Due to rising tensions, Pornhub has decided to change the category 'Masturbation' to 'Equalbation'

Pornhub hired a guy who could come in 3.14 seconds

He would make for an amazing cream ฯ€ video

My girlfriend is mad because I told her I wanted to show our love to the world

She found it adorable at first but now wants me to remove that video from pornhub.

Son: Dad, why is my newborn sister named instagram?

Dad: Because your mom loves instagram and I found out that she spends enormous amounts of time on it. So, it was my way to get her off her addiction.

Son: Ok Dad, Thank you.

Dad: You're welcome.
Now go to your room, Pornhub.

I know a guy who works for Pornhub

Says it's the hardest he's ever worked.

Your momma so fat

She posts on Grubhub instead of Pornhub

What's the difference between Disney and PornHub?

Disney teaches you to hate your stepmother.

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