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If i spent as much time working as i did procrastinating

TIL there is an island in the Bahamas called Pig Beach populated entirely by swimming pigs.

A Blonde, Red Head and Brunette

were stuck on an island, and the closest populated island was 100km away, so in turn they try to swim to the island, the brunette swims 10 km then drowns, the red head swims 30 km then drowns, the blond swims 50 km then gets tired so she swims back.

The local mental asylum is running out of space

So the asylum director concocted a way to release the least crazy residents back into the population.
He drained the swimming pool and observed which residents went in to swim. Those who jumped into the empty swimming pool were obviously not ready to be discharged.
After about 15 min he noted all the residents except one were "swimming" in the empty pool. The director came up to this gentleman, "Congratulations! You didn't jump in the pool and so are ready to go back home." To which the resident replied, "Of course I wouldn't jump in the pool! Someone needs to be the lifeguard!"

A brick fell from an airplane

How do you put a giraffe in a refrigerator in 3 steps? You open the refrigerator, put the giraffe in and close the refrigerator.
How do you put an elephant in a refrigerator in 4 steps? You open the refrigerator, take the giraffe out, put the elephant inside and close the refrigerator.
A lion is having a birthday and all the animals are there except for one, which one is it? The elephant isn't there, he's in a refrigerator.
Sally has to cross a river populated by crocodiles, how does she do it without dying? She just swims across, all the crocodiles are at the lion's birthday party.
Sally still dies, why? Because she got hit by the brick.

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