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  1. How do you raise the chances of your joke's popularity? You lie.

    (My 5yo kid made this joke please be nice!)
  2. All these kids breaking in to buildings and taking out the valuables make me sick. I mean, I can't understand why Fortnite is so popular.
  3. My idea for a Uber like system for Halloween wasn't very popular. I guess parents don't like the idea of a guy in a van picking up their kids at night.
  4. No wonder fortnite is so popular with kids Who doesn't like hopping off a bus and shooting everyone in sight
  5. Bicycling must be a really popular hobby in Detroit I saw this black kid, and he had 7 bikes.
  6. Post Malone may be a popular rapper, but have you heard of his long-lost cousin h**... Malone? His most popular track is about some kid named Kevin who has to fight off burglars in his house.
  7. A popular kid at school said I was the brightest person he knew. I think his exact words were, "I've never seen someone so p**... white".

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  1. Why do popular kids have a pH of 14 Because they are so basic!
  2. The most popular name for kids of Bob Marley fans? .....
  3. What were the last words of the oblivious popular high school kid? "oh look Mr.Big Shot!"

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(This is a popular joke where I'm from). A boy boards a bus with a sandwich in his hand.

The bus driver says: " hey, this ain't a restaurant, kid!"
The boy replies: "I know. That's why I brought my own food."

A high school student approached a group of popular kids during lunch time.

"May I join you?" he asked politely.
"We don't sit with idiots." they said.
"But I do." he replied as he gestured them to scoot over.

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