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  1. I asked the B-52s where i could find a Pope They told me "Rome if you want two!" Had to break the news about benedict to them.
  2. Did you hear about the candle that smells like a mixture of Francis, Benedict, and John Paul? They call it pope pourri
    (I really am sorry)
  3. What is the painting in Milwaukee of Pope Benedict called using 17,000 Colored Condoms? Eggs Benedict.

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  1. What's the popes favorite breakfast? Ex Benedict
  2. What do you call Pope Benedict after his final day in the papal office? Ex-Benedict.
  3. What do you call some who's too pooped to Pope? Ex-Benedict
  4. What would you say if you had breakfast with the Pope? Eggs, Benedict?
  5. What is the Pope's favorite breakfast? Eggs Benediction.
  6. What do you call the Pope after he's resigned? Ex-Benedict.
  7. What do you call a pope who resigns? Ex Benedict
  8. You don't have to be good at anagrams to see that Pope Benedict is an Epic Bent p**....

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Pope Benedict and Pope Francis are about to watch the World Cup Final...

Francis says, "sorry, but I spoke to Jesus last night and he said he'd do all he can to help Argentina win." Benedict says, "that's too bad, I spoke to Satan and he said he'd do everything he can to help Germany win." The game starts, and Francis says, "is that referee Italian?" Benedict says, "Yep. Hail Satan."

In memory of recently passed Benedict XVI

WW2. Young german soldier captures pole. At the moment he aiming to shoot him lightning crack the sky and they hear God's voice:
- Don't shoot him, he is a future Pope
- Wow what about me?
- Ok, fine, you too

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