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Who's the poorest person in West Virginia?

The Tooth Fairy.

Horrors of poverty

I've been around, you know. I've seen some of the poorest slums where children are starving and disease is rampant. Let me tell you, you've not seen anything, *anything* like it, until you've seen it in high-definition plasma!

Which element of the Periodic Table is the poorest?

Antimony. ^I'm ^so ^sorry...

Poorest joke, Which element of the Periodic Table is the poorest?

Who is the poorest guy in the south?

The Tooth Fairy.

Some guy just stole my wallet.

He's now the poorest man in town.

Where do the poorest Hobbits live?

The Worcestershire

What is the poorest tree in the forest?

The burr-oak tree.

Poorest joke, What is the poorest tree in the forest?

If minerals were people, who would be the poorest?

Stibnite, because it's antimony.

People here take so much for granted.

If you took away someone's car, house and clothes, They'd have nothing. But if you did the same to someone from one of the poorest countries, they'd probably still have aids.

What vegetable is the poorest


Why is the Easter bunny the poorest animal in the world?

He carries his tail behind, has to hide his eggs and can only come once a year.

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Who is the poorest in England?

The Tooth Fairy!

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