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  1. I was going to make a joke about losing your senses due to COVID. But I decided it was poor taste.
  2. My coworker got third-degree burns on his tongue. I was going to make a joke about it, but decided it would be in poor taste.
  3. The time traveler made a poor taste gag about the atrocities of World War 3..... Everyone agreed, it was too soon.
  4. What is the difference between a creeper and a sneaker? A creeper acts in poor taste; a sneaker tastes poor.
  5. I wanted to try out the new ISIS cuisine I found, but the reviews told me it was poor taste.
  6. What do you get when you blow up a police station? Bacon bits
    I came up with this joke 15 years ago when I was a d**... teen.. maybe in poor taste with everything going on but thought I'd share.
  7. I dated a soccer player once. I also learned a new word that's in poor taste to yell out during c**....
  8. Why do millennials have such a poor taste in humor? Bc w**... u to them a joke they don't get it for Millennials

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Poor Taste One Liners

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  1. We really shouldnt be making any Covid jokes in here. They are in 'poor taste'.
  2. I was gonna tell a COVID joke... But it was in poor taste.
  3. Eat the rich Because poor people taste bad
  4. I once made a joke about kissing with garlic breath. Apparently it was in poor taste.
  5. If your friend is tone deaf... Is it in poor taste to leave him a note?
  6. Why does Skeleton Soup taste so poor? It lacks body
  7. [nsfw] analingus I was going to make a joke about analingus,
    but it would be in poor taste.
  8. What do you call a sugar substitute that has poor taste? Sweet and Low-brow..

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When someone botched a joke.

Teacher: "Two cannibals are eating a clown. One clown says to the other 'does this taste funny?' "
Class: "umm"
Me to friend: "that was like a dead baby..."
Friend: "what?"
Me: "poor delivery"
This is probably the first joke I actually came up with myself. It felt good.

I'm very appalled by holocaust jokes.

They are of poor taste and aren't funny.
My own grandfather died in a concentration camp.
The poor fellow, god bless his soul, went to get some food and accidentally fell down from his watchtower.

A big bar chain opened a bar on Mount Everest.

Naturally a lot of people were really excited to be able to have a few drinks in the highest place in the world.
There was a lot of buzz and excitement about this new bar but when it came to opening day. The opening ceremony was poor, the drinks tasted bad and the service was terrible.
Everyone was bitterly disappointed that the bar did meet their expectations.
A lesson was learnt that day by the owners of the Everest Bar.
Don't set the bar so high.

Water.....I have news for you.

The poor bottle water notice he was red, it felt nauseous, it had diarrhea, and it had a sweet taste in its mouth. He went to the clinic to see what was wrong with him. But the doctor had bad news. He said" I'm sorry water, but you have **Kool** aids."

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