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A man and his wife have a baby.

As soon as they are leaving the hospital the baby poops and the wife tells her husband to change him.

A year passes and the woman keeps noticing how the baby looks less and less like them so she does a DNA test.

The test comes back and the woman runs to her husband screaming that the baby isn't theirs.

He replies "Don't you remember you told me to change him right before we left, so I brought the dirty one back and got a clean one."

Kim Jong-il

When kim Jong-il was alive, a great deal of North Korean propaganda was created claiming things like Kim Jong-il and his father created the world, and that Kim Jong-il does not urinate or defecate.

Apparently, propaganda was also created for the children of North Korea in the form of a book titled "Everybody Poops... Except Kim Jong-il"

The thing about poops

Starts with p, ends with oops

Poops joke, The thing about poops

What do you call a notebook where you record information about your poops?

Some people may call it a log journal, while others call it a diary-a.

What do you call it when your Stepmother poops?

A Step-Stool

What do you get when you take the pee out of poops


What does Hulk say when he poops?


Poops joke, What does Hulk say when he poops?

What Do You Call a Reptile That Poops A Lot?

A turd-le.

A Jewish kid swallows a quarter and poops out forty cents.

That's a pretty good return on digestion.

The thing I don't like about Dietary Fiber is the large poops

I'm also not crazy about our dog's name.

What is it called when a hacker poops?

Logging out

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A Man goes to a doctor, says he has a problem, he always poops at 7 o clock...

doctor asks why this is a problem

the man answers "I wake up at 8"

When I get a dog

So, when I get a dog, I'll call it Ammay. Everytime it poops, I'll get the Ammay fieces!

What do get after you eat Front Loops?

Front Poops. Courtesy of my 9yr old daughter.

A duck eats through its Bill.

It poops through its Hilary.

What are teddy bear poops called?


Poops joke, What are teddy bear poops called?

Why did Kanye name his dog P Diddy?

So he can scoop Diddy's poops

What do you call a dinosaur that poops a lot? A Triceraplops.

Politicians are like soft poops

They move with a light push, leave a stinky mess behind, and require lots of paper to clean up.

Where does a Sith Lord go when he poops?

He goes to the Darthroom.

The blackest dad

3 kids were arguing to see who had the blackest dad.

The first kid says: "My dad is so black, when he pee, it comes out petroleum"

The second kid says: "That's nothing compared to my dad, he's so black that when he takes a dump, he poops coal"

The third kid laughs and say: "you think that's black? My dad's so black that when he farts, we stay a week in the dark"

The Wife wants to have a baby but the Husband tries to discourage her.

H: A baby sleeps and it poops and it cries when it's hungry.

W: You two should get along famously.

Hey Vegetarians

My food poops on yours.

I bought a chicken to make sandwiches...

Turns out it doesn't, it just make a lot of noise and poops on the floor.

What's it called when a Polliwog poops?


What is it called when an officer poops his pants while chasing a perp?

Active doody.

Two pieces of poop are having a heated argument. A cup of urine tries to calm them down. One of the poops says Hey, screw off...

...this is a fecal matter!

What do you do when your kitten poops?

Catch it.

Guy goes to the doctor and says he poops every morning at 8

The doctor asks so, what is the problem , and the guy says I wake up at 9

What's the difference between a project manager and a person who poops?

The person pooping gets shit done.

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