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Just ate a bunch of confetti...

Now I'm a party pooper.

Why did the girl take toilet paper to the party?

She's a party pooper

Why did the woman bring toilet paper tot he gala?

She was a party pooper!

Told by my 7 year-old

Pooper joke, Why did the woman bring toilet paper tot he gala?

Sorry to be a party pooper

But I got to get these streamers out of my ass somehow

What do you call a man who fires glitter out of his butt?

A party pooper

I'm mad about the Mad Pooper lady,

I hope she feces justice!

What do you call a news anchor with diarrhea?

Anderson Pooper

Pooper joke, What do you call a news anchor with diarrhea?

Party Pooper

Why isn't Count Dracula invited to more parties?

Because he's a pain in the neck!

Did you guys hear about the cereal pooper?

He had trix up his sleeve

When Alice Cooper goes to the loo

Would it be a Cooper Pooper?

Why did the elephant go to the party with diapers on?

He was a party pooper.

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Never have a party pooper as a getaway driver

They always leave early

What does a short handy man and a chronic pooper have in common?

His tools

Why wasn't my dog invited to the party?

He's a pawty pooper

So a dragon ate my D&D group today...

He was a real party party pooper.

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