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What did the Polygon say to the Circle when the Circle wanted to be more edgy?


Did you hear about the geometry teacher who left his parrot's cage open?


What do you call a nine-sided polygon that wishes to remain anonymous?


Polygon joke, What do you call a nine-sided polygon that wishes to remain anonymous?

The mathematician has lost his parrot


What did the mathematician call his dead parrot?



the guru was happily teaching math to the students at his home. He said

"5 sides --> pentagon"

"6 sides -->hexagon"

"8 sides -->octagon"

.....then suddenly, the guru got a sudden heart attack, he fell onto the ground making a loud "thud" sound and died on the spot. Hearing the sound, his wife came running from the other room and asked "what happened ?"

Guess what the students said ?

"--> gurugon"

My teacher put these onto our Word of the Day test in class today.

What illness did everyone on the Enterprise catch? Chicken Spocks!

What animals are on legal documents? Seals!

What is a polygon? A dead parrot!

Polygon joke, My teacher put these onto our Word of the Day test in class today.

What did the mathematician say about the death of his pet parrot?

"Polynomial. Polygon."

My trigonometry teacher and I got into a fight because she thinks triangles are the simplest polygon.

However, I think we can let digons be digons.

What do you call an empty bird cage?


What do you call a polygon with 4 right angles?

A correctangle!

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What did the ten-sided polygon say when his porch washed away


What is it called when your parrot flies away


What did the mathematician call their parrot when it stopped eating?


What did they call it when it died?


What does the polygon say to the circle?

Try angles

Why was the mathematician concerned for his parrot?

Because polygon.

*Courtesy of my train conductor this morning.

Polygon joke, Why was the mathematician concerned for his parrot?

Why did the polygons of Geometric Grove disapprove of their new triangle neighbor?

He was a degenerate triangle.

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