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A boy to his dad: "What's polygamy?"

"It's having a wife too much", he says.

"And what is monogamy?"

"... the same"

Monogamy is having one spouse. Polygamy is having more than one spouse.

Monopolygamy is marrying the Monopoly Guy.

What is the penalty for polygamy?

Two wives.

Polygamy joke, What is the penalty for polygamy?

America was built upon homosexuality and polygamy.

Our four fathers

I want to handle the topic of traditional homosexual polygamy

Just like my four fathers did

Why should polygamy be legal?

Any guy willing to take multiple wives is punishment enough!

A boy to his dad: "What's polygamy?"

"Go ask your mothers", he said.

Polygamy joke, A boy to his dad: "What's polygamy?"

The biggest problem with polygamy?

Multiple mother-in-laws.

There is a local beer company here in Utah called Polygamy Porter

Their motto is "Beer so good, why not have more than one"

If having two sex partners is bigamy, and anything above that is polygamy, what is it called when having a single sex partner?


What's the penalty for polygamy?

Multiple mothers-in-law.

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"You are accused of polygamy"

"You are accused of polygamy"

"And who pressed charges?

"Your wife"

"Which one exactly?"

what is the punishment for polygamy?

multiple mother in laws

The difference between polygamy and monogamy.

Polygamy is having too many wives, but monogamy is having one wife too many.

I am not in favour of polygamy.

One marriage is enough to ruin me.

The Professor asks his Student his final exam question

Professor: what is the punishment for polygamy?

The clueless Student thinks about it, then answers: two stepmothers?

Polygamy joke, The Professor asks his Student his final exam question

Our sex life was getting kinda stale, so my wife said we should try polygamy.

Apparently all the paper cranes I made for her weren't enough.

What is the penalty for polygamy?

Two mother-in-laws.

Have you heard of the book Living in Polygamy ?

By Sharon Peters

What shape is most likely to be amish?

Polygons, they're into polygamy.

The definition of virtual polygamy

Virtual Polygamy: Having multiple Vives.

What is the opposite of Polygamy?

> What is the opposite of Polygamy?


A child at a Christian school

A child at a Christian school was studying the early days of Mormonism in his class.He wrote on his paper, "The early Mormons believed in having more than one wife. This is called polygamy. But we believe in having only one wife. This is called monotony"

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