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  1. Walked up to my dyslexic friend to show him my new polo shirt, and he barfed all over it. He should've told me he was Lacoste intolerant.
  2. What do you call somebody who is allergic to wearing little alligators on their polo shirt? Lacoste intolerant.

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Polo Shirt One Liners

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  1. Why did the dyslexic refuse to wear a polo shirt? Because he was Lacoste intolerant.
  2. Yo momma so fat.. ..she has a real horse on her Polo shirt.
  3. what do you call a person who cant differentiate a t-shirt from a polo collar-blind
  4. What do you call an Italian's semi-formal shirt? Marco's polo
  5. What do you call a green polo shirt? Collared greens
  6. Yo Mamma so fat she had to have a real horse on her polo shirt.
  7. My top smells of peppermint - Well, it is a polo shirt.
  8. Yo' Mama is so fat, her Polo shirts come with real horses on the pocket.

Polo Shirt Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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Four priests decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and went golfing in polo shirts and khakis.

However, their game was not going well, and after a series of terrible shots, the caddy asked, "Are you guys priests?"
"Yes, we are," replied one of the priests, "Why?"
'Because,' said the caddy, "I've never seen such bad golf and such clean language."

I was having random bouts of diarrhea...

Couldn't figure out what the h**... was causing it.
Then I started keeping track. I realized it was only happening when I would wear those polo shirts with the little alligator stitched on them.
Turns out I'm Lacoste intolerant.

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