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Her parents wanted her to date someone of her own ethnicity.

But Polly wanted a cracker.

Have you heard about the Mormon drag queen?

She is Polly Glamorous

Did you know that the singer Olly Murs has a sister who is a scientist?

Her name is Polly Murs.

I'll show myself out........

Polly joke, Did you know that the singer Olly Murs has a sister who is a scientist?

Dumb Nirvana Joke

I was gonna tell a Dumb Nirvana joke About a girl I knew named Polly that lived On a Plain. Her favorite drink was Pennyroyal tea with crackers and Mexican Seafood, she had a sliver in her finger and once had an Aneurysm at School but Nevermind that.

What did the redneck parrot say?

Cracker wants a Polly.

What do pirate parrots say?

Polly wanna kraken!

(Amongst a large array other parrot-related sounds)

Why didn't the parrot want the black guy to buy him?

Polly want a Cracker.

Polly joke, Why didn't the parrot want the black guy to buy him?

What kind of work out do parrots have on leg day?


...Polly want a cracker.

I just got banned from the National Zoo for making a parrot giggle...

... its polly tickle correctness gone mad!

Why did the black man have to sell his parrot?

because polly wanted a cracker

Why did the headmaster at school never give my parrot a seat in physics class?

Because he was named the Polly Exclusion Principal.

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What do you call Rule 34 of Polly the Parrot?


Why don't parrot's like black people?

Because Polly wants a cracker.


So my black friend Treyvon is having some issues with his girl friend (Polly). He told me she gave him an ultimatum. He either has to change his life in a number of ways including getting a stable job and marrying her or she'll leave him and find some one who will. After Treyvon had poured his heart out and told me about what Polly had told him he asked me what i thought. So I gave him my honest opinion. I said " well it sounds like Polly wants a cracker."

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