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After years of research, scientists discovered bees are allergic to pollen

Turns out when exposed to pollen, bees develop hives

The pollen count is so high

Meth users are trying to convert their meth back to Sudafed

The pollen is so bad this year in Phoenix...

that tweekers are turning their crystal meth back into Sudafed.

The pollen is so bad this year...

The drug dealers are trying to turn their meth back into Sudafed.

Pollen is what happens when flowers

can't keep it in their plants.

My wife was showing me a really unique houseplant she was growing. When she first planted it, it was a male, and it produced pollen.

After a while, it stopped producing pollen and started making seeds. It had outgrown its pot, so my wife wanted me to help her put it in a larger one. I said, Sure, I can help you transplant the transplant.

I met a girl who said she orgasmed every time she sneezed

I asked her what she took for that.

She said usually pollen or ragweed

Pollen joke, I met a girl who said she orgasmed every time she sneezed

What kind of Bee collects Milk instead of Pollen?

A BooBee

did you know that bees are allergic to pollen?

Because when they get exposed to them they develop hives

How can you tell that there's too much pollen in the air?

Drug addicts are turning meth back into sudafed

I'm really allergic to pollen

But I feel this spring will be breathtaking

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How are pollen grains like Otto Von Bismarck?

They both lead to German Nation

I've just read that the pollen count is exceptionally high this year.

That would explain why my 14 year old son is getting through so many boxes of tissues, poor little mite.

My allergies are acting up and...

The pollen is so bad this year that the trailer park people are changing crystal meth back into Sudafed.

Band most likely to be blasted out of the speakers at your local beehive?

Pollen Oates

The Pollen count in the air is so high this year

all the meth cooks are turning their crystal back into Sudafed

Pollen joke, The Pollen count in the air is so high this year

The breakdown of what to do in all seasons

Summer:too hot to go outside so you stay in playing video games
Winter:too cold to go outside so you stay in playing video games
Autumn:too much pollen outside so you stay in playing video games

How do bees select a new queen?

By pollen.

The pollen count

That's a difficult job.

Teacher: "Does anybody have any food allergies"

Carl: "Pollen"

Teacher: "Well, you don't eat pollen, do you?"

Carl: "No ma'am, I'm allergic"

What does the B stand for in flower?

If they sit, the pollen will stick to their belly.

Cough is to dust as sneeze is to pollen

Just an example of AnAllergy.

The pollen is so bad this year

...that it has the addicts turning their meth back into sudafed!

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