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Chuck Norris walks into a bar...

He immediately unleashes a vicious roundhouse kick, decapitating a rabbi, a priest, and a Buddhist in one blow. At the next table, he beard-punches a blonde, a brunette and a redhead, killing all three. Three bouncers, an Englishman, an Irishman, and a Pollack, were dismembered in seconds.
Chuck Norris' has only 1 weakness: He can't tell a joke.

What happened to the Pollack that tried to blow up a car?

He burnt his lips on the tail pipe

I dipped a fish in paint and threw it onto a canvas, it then sold for a million dollars

It was a Pollack

An Italian, German, and Pollack are walking through the desert

The Italian is carrying a paper bag, the German is carrying a cooler, and the Pollack is carrying a car door.
The Italian looks at the German and asks, "Wern, why are you carrying a cooler?" He replies "In case we get thirsty!"
The German then asks,
"Luigi! Why do you have a paper bag?"
To which he replies "I brought sandwiches in case we get hungry!"
Finally, the German and Italian look over to the Pollack and ask "Hey Aleksander, why are you carrying a car door?
He replies "I brought it so when it gets hot we can roll down the window!"

No matter how hard it tries, a pollack cannot pose as an Italian

A polish man moves to the USA; it is circa 1920. However, he's having a hard time getting started. Everywhere he goes to get a job he hears "no, we don't hire you dumb pollacks". He is saddened by these blatant stereotypes.
He sees that Italians are succeeding in the new world, and decides he is going to try to pose as an Italian. He spends weeks practicing his accent, learning the culture, and otherwise becoming an Italian.
Once he feels confident he goes into town with his newly adopted persona, and walks into a shop
He yells at the guy behind the counter in a thick italian accent "hey, get me a half pound of your best provolone and full pound of prosciutto"
The man immediately asks "Sir, are you a pollack?"
Disgruntled he goes "....uh, no no, give me my f**...' meat and cheese"
The man responds "Sir, this is a hardware store."

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