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The eclipse did two things our political leaders cannot.

It slowed global warming and gave us all something to look up to

Which European political leader likes to write at sea?

Marine Le Pen

Kylie Jenner Walks into a restaurant

Kylie Jenner walks into a restaurant where she has made a reservation. The waiter greets her politely, and says, "Right this way Mrs. Jenner" and begins leader her to her table. "Please," she says, "Mrs. Jenner is my father. Call me Kylie.

As a Malaysian, I thought that our Prime Minister would be crowned the worst political leader of the century

But it looks like America has finally decided to us their Trump card.

[sexist] Not a joke, but can you help me find it?

I remember there was a joke about why women aren't political leaders and the punchline being that they would bicker and argue with each other or something...
Anyone know which joke I am talking about?

This feels like it could be a comedy bit, for how different leaders would solve the issue:

Obama: snaps the cookie in half
Putin: Forces the cookie in the glass
Kim Jong-Un: Cookie baker and glass maker are put to death
David Cameron: pours some milk onto the cookie. Doesn't work very well, spills milk. Written into policy anyway.
Someone else: Eats the cookie, then drinks the milk
etc. I don't know enough about politics to make this topical.

There was an outbreak of food poisoning among the world leaders at the recent summit.

During the food preparation, they feared what the Russians Putin May Merkel Trump.

A random communist leader hears about a man making jokes about him.

He organizes a feast and calls the man.
Leader: "This is how all meals will look in the future!"
Man: (looks for a few seconds at the leader then says): "I thought I was the one around with the jokes."

The postal service created a stamp with a picture of a highly controversial political leader who became president.

The postal service created a stamp with a picture of a highly controversial political leader who became president. The stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the President who demanded a full investigation.
After a month of testing, the investigation commission presented the following findings:
1. The stamp is in perfect order.
2. There is nothing wrong with the applied adhesive.
3. People are spitting on the wrong side of the stamp.

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