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Latvian Joke

Man sits in broken cottage with daughter. Man is cold and hungry. Man not have potato for days.
"Knock, knock" is heard at door.
"Who there is" man say.
"Politburo who" say man.
Politburo burst in cottage r**... daughter. Man now cold, hungry and sad.

[Russian Joke] What will the results of the next election be?

No one knows! The results were stolen from the Politburo just last night!

Do you know why 6 is afraid of 7?

Because 7 has friends in the politburo

Stalin calls a meeting in the Politburo

To hold a debate on wether there will be money in the Soviet Union. The two main factions, led by Trotsky and Bukharin, represent left- and right-wing views. Trotsky said, "We should absolutely abolish money, the state should be able to provide all of its citizens." Bukharin rises to speak, saying, "We must have money, as we shouldn't run social experiments." In his synthetic, dialectical wisdom, Stalin says, "There will be and won't be money." Everyone turns to look at him, quizzically. Someone finally speaks up, "How is this possible, comrade?" "Some people will have money, and others won't.

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