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  1. another polish joke why do polish people keep empty bottles in the fridge?
    for those that don't want anything to drink
  2. Why don't Polish people like playing American football? They can't defend against a blitz.
  3. A moderator from Poland walks into a chatroom of people arguing. "This place is gonna need some *polishing*."
  4. Polish people are really knowledgeable about politics. Every time the news is on they keep saying "Let's see what the Poles have to say."
  5. Why do Trump supporters enjoy polish people at his rally... so that they can say that their ahead in the Poles.
    Polish gram-pa said it.
  6. Why do polish people all have ski at the end of their name? Why do polish people all have ski at the end of their name?
    Because they can't spell toboggan.
  7. I'm not sure why people were so surprised by the quality of The Witcher 3 It's a well known fact that games benefit from a lot of polish.
  8. I don't like all these immigrants in Britain. Coming over here, taking our Polish people's jobs.
  9. How many Polish People does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three. One to hold the light bulb and Two to turn the ladder.
  10. There's a new activist movement that campaigns against violence and systemic racism toward people from Poland... It's called "Matter Lives Polish."

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  1. What do you call the shiniest people? Polish
  2. Who are the shiniest people In Europe? The Polish.
  3. Why do people from Poland keep their stuff super shiny? Well duh, they're Polish
  4. What do polish people do for fun? Polish stuff
  5. What do you it call when Polish people can't agree among themselves? Polarized
  6. How many polish people do you need to form a place of congregation? Ten poles
  7. Are all Polish people? Well polished people?
  8. What resolution do Polish people use on their computers? 1939 x 6,000,000
  9. A line to use on Polish people You must be a magnetic Pole because I'm attracted to you.
  10. Who are the shiniest people on Earth? Polish people.
  11. What do Polish people study in chemistry? Dipole-dipole bonds.
  12. How many polish people does it take to cut down a tree? 96 and a plane
  13. Why do Polish people have human rights? Like seriously, why
  14. How do polish people show gratitude? They say thansk.
  15. Why do Polish people love chips Because k**... mash.

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I'm planning on starting a s**... club....

... in Poland. It will be called Pole Land.
I will hire people from ex law enforcement as strippers.
The slogan for the club will be: "Welcome to Pole Land, in Poland: Where Polish police polish your pole".
The slogan did pretty well in market research polls.

How many people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Just two... but I don't understand how they'd fit in it and as a proud and moral Polish person I am offended that they always try to include me in their debauchery.

Being a musician is great for travelling and meeting new people. Throughout my career I have met amazing humans.

Once I met this Italian opera singer, amazing gal. Some other time an irish theremine player. But the other day I met a polish sound engineer. And a czech one too. And a czech one too. And a czech one too.

I hate how politically correct things are these days. You can't even say the word s**... without people getting offended.

I started to tell a Polish joke to a group of guys and one of them said "Hey, I'm Polish and that joke offends me!" Fair enough I thought, no one likes to be stereotyped. So I swapped out the word "Polish" for "s**..." and started the joke over. Same guy got offended.

A polish guy and a German guy are arguing..

The polish guy said Polish people are the smartest people in the world. He'd even made ludicrous claims. He said the Polish people invented the outhouse. The German looks at him and says "yes, but it was us d**... Germans who put the hole in the floor"

An American dog, Polish dog and a Russian dog were discussing things so the American dog tells them that if you bark long enough, people will give you meat. The Polish dog asks "what's meat?"

The Russian dog asked "what's bark...??!!"

How many Polish people does it take to be pallbearers at a f**...?

Seven. Six to carry the casket and one to drag the body

A great Polish joke

Guy goes into a bar, and a couple drinks in loudly announces to the bartender, "OK I'm going to tell you a great Polish joke!"
The bartender leans in and whispers, "watch it buddy, I happen to be polish, and while I got a sense of humor, about half the people in here are polish. you see that 6'6" 300 lb bouncer? He's polish too and he don't got a sense of humor!"
"OK," the jokster responds. "I'll tell it slowly!"

Meanwhile in Glasgie

People are panic buying nail polish, shoe polish, and even furniture polish.
There seems to have been a wee misunderstanding about which polish won't be in the UK soon.

Who's better at fishing; bears, or polish people?

They're pretty even. Polish people hear they're supposed to use a pole, so much like a bear, they jump in the water and wave their hands all around.

During the 80's, many college students from Eastern Bloc countries - Poland, Hungary, and Romania met each other at a summer camp

Sitting around the campfire after supper, these young people tried their best to communicate with each other (Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian are totally not related), ultimately having to resort to some kind of sign language
Then one dude got an idea: Hey, we all learned Russian in high school, why don't we try speaking in Russian?
… After a brief, thoughtful thinking and pause … everyone returned back to that sign language

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