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  1. I understand that some people don't like when I poke fun at God or religion but, it's always been a blasphemy!
  2. What hangs at a man's thigh and wants to poke a hole which it has poked before? A key.
    Fun fact: This joke was invented by the Anglo Saxon s in the 10th century. Oldest British joke ever.
  3. I'm from the southern US, is it OK to poke fun at myself? Why don't schools in the south teach Driver's Ed and s**... Ed on same day?
    Too hard on the mule.
  4. Poking holes in your friend's condoms is fun and games until your girlfriend gets pregnant and you've never had s**... with her

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  1. Why didn't Joan of Arc ever poke fun at her friends? Because she knew they'd roast her
  2. It's all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out Then it's monkey in the middle

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In and Out

(Part joke and part tongue-twister - lots of fun to tell out loud.)
Once upon a time, a mama skunk had twin baby skunks, who she named In and Out.
One day when they were just wee skunks, In and Out went out to play. At lunchtime, Mama Skunk poked her head out and called out, "In and Out, it's time to come in!"
After a few minutes, Out comes in. Mama looks at him and says, "Out, where is In? I just told you both to come in!"
Out says, "In is still out." So Mama tells him "Well Out, you go right back out, find In, and bring him in!" So Out goes out, and within just a minute he comes back in with In.
Mama Skunk is amazed. She says, "Out, how on earth did you find In so quickly?"
Out shrugs and says, "Instinks."

Fighter jock and the cargo pilot

A cargo plane is flying along, doing its cargo plane thing, when a fighter jet comes up alongside.
The fighter jock decides to poke some fun at the pilot who's forced to fly such an ungainly vessel.
"My plane's so much more advanced than yours. Watch this" says the jock, as he proceeds to do loop-de-loops, barrel rolls, corkscrews, and all manner of fast paced aerial acrobatics.
"Very impressive," responds the cargo pilot. "But that's nothing, watch this." For a half hour the large craft simply plods along straight as an arrow, not even so much as dipping the wings.
After a while, the cargo pilot comes back on the radio and says "So, what'd you think?"
Jock: "What d'you mean? You didn't do anything. You just flew straight for a while."
Cargo: "Oh no, that wasn't all. I got up, stretched my legs, got some coffee, went to the bathroom..."

Anybody know some white people jokes?

I'm an avid racist and like to have plenty of denigrating jokes at the ready for any particular race. Sadly I know very few targeted at Caucasians, and the ones I do know make them look sorta good (rich, stable, part of ruling elite). Anybody know any jokes that poke fun at being white?

Why do women have babies? [First] [Terrible Xmas Joke from 95 Year old Grandpa]

Because they take it too seriously when men poke them in good fun.
I know, I know, this is absolutely terrible. But my 95 year old grandpa just said it at his birthday dinner with the rest of the family around... after hitting on 4 women at the restaurant old enough to be my mother. Oy.

A request...

So I found out this week that my mom has Leukemia, and is going into the hospital either today or pretty soon there after to start chemo and then hopefully get a bone marrow transplant. I've decided to send her a video of me telling a joke a day to help keep her spirits up, but I know my library of jokes she would appreciate will probably run out within the first week. So please, post your best or favorite relatively clean jokes here! Jokes poking fun at Baptists would be especially appreciated. Thanks guys (and gals!)

A bear and a squirrel are in the forest and find a genie's lamp.

Upon releasing the genie, he offers them each three wishes. The bear instantaniously wishes to be the only male bear in the forest so that he can hook up with all the female bears. The squirrel wishes for an acorn. The bear looks at the squirrel and tells him he's s**... for not wishing like the bear did. The genie asks what the next wishes are going to be. The bear, thinking bigger, wishes that he was the only male bear in the country. And the squrriel wishes for an acorn. The bear again pokes fun at the squirrel for not wishing like he did. Finally, the bear, thinking as big as he can, wishes to be the only male bear in the world. The squirrel takes off running, and just before he gets out of earshot, he shouts **"I wish the bear was gay!"**