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Best Short Pokemon Go Jokes

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  1. Did you hear that auschwitz had to ask visitors to stop playing Pokemon Go? They got tired of people pretending to be Ash.
  2. Pokemon GO is a blatant ripoff of another popular app... called Tinder, where you also swipe to find monsters in your area.
  3. A Pokemon go user walks into a bar Because he was too busy looking at his phone to notice it
  4. Don't be frightened if you see a Pokemon Go player outside your bathroom window. He's just trying to catch a pikachu.
  5. What do Pokemon Go and Tinder have in common? Both give you a good chance of catching something
  6. I tried to go into a restaurant playing Pokemon go. I couldn't get in though. The servers were too busy.
  7. What is the best part of Pokemon Go? I can ride my bike indoors and professor oak can't do anything to stop me.
  8. I've been going to the gym for 3 weeks now with no results.. What Pokemon do I use to lose weight?
  9. What's the difference between a Pokemon Go player and a Facebook user?? Pokemon Go players are only wasting their own time ;)
  10. When I was in Africa, I decided to play a little pokemon go until a young black boy stole my phone and ran off with it. Oh well,
    Gotta catch Jemal!

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Pokemon Go One Liners

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  1. I wish I could date Pokemon GO's servers Because then she'd go down on me 5 times a day.
  2. I can't find a single Ekans here in Ireland with Pokemon Go. Thanks, St Patrick
  3. A Pokemon Go player walks into a bar. And a tree. And a wall. And into a lake.
  4. Police have been playing Pokemon Go for many years. "Gotta catch Jamal"
  5. I thought I caught a snorlax on pokemon go turns out i was on tinder
  6. Earlier I had to go to the Pokemon Center For my Koffing turned into Weezing.
  7. I'm on medication for my Pokemon Go addiction. Gotacachemol.
  8. Pokemon GO is trying to fix its servers... It's not very effective.
  9. Thanks to Pokemon Go... I'm finally going to lose weight.
  10. Pokemon go in January is the worst Everyone is joining all the gyms
  11. Have you heard what they're now calling Pokemon Go? Pokemon Went.
  12. Nintendo just announced the first haunted tower for Pokemon GO The New World Trade Center
  13. Went to the Olympics, played some Pokemon GO Found a Zikachu.
  14. Pokemon go should contact Hillary Clinton. I hear she has some servers
  15. Why did the shoplifter want to become a Pokemon trainer? He wanted to go catch a mall

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Chuck Norris can play Pokemon Go on his landline.

Guess where I found my Snorlax in Pokemon Go?

At McDonalds... Hahahahaha
I'll walk myself out..

I think my Pokemon Go is broken,

I held up the camera but all I caught was cops killing black folk

Pokemon GO servers are like my life right now.

Up and down and disappointing anyone who knows what it is.

I was worried when I found a Magnemite in my bathtub while playing Pokemon-GO

I guess he's Bi-Polar

I got a $400 ticket for playing pokemon GO in the car today.

Most expensive in-app purchases EVER.

I want a girl to go down on me

As much as the Pokemon Go servers do

Pokemon Go goes live in Canada today

You idiots.

Pokemon Go...

Back inside
(Lol servers are always down)

I wish my girlfriend....

Would go down as much as Pokemon Go servers

Why did Micah Johnson miss out on Pokemon Go?

He was too busy playing CS Go.

Which is Missy Elliott's favorite Pokemon?

Rattata-tatatatatatata! (From my wife after hearing "Work It" while I was playing Pokemon Go)

Pokemon Go

Run errands with your mom.

I found a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO...

But the game doesn't let me throw pokeball at myself.

My friend tried playing Pokemon Go in Vegas, but sadly lost his phone.

All he caught was h**....

I don't need a girlfriend to get action...

The Pokemon servers go down on me all the time.

People think I am playing Pokemon go.

But I am really just taking pictures of their children.

Now that I'm playing Pokemon Go I don't need a girlfriend anymore...

The servers go down on me all the time.

What does Pokemon Go and s**... have in common?

They're not for kids.

Playing Pokemon Go is like having s**... with a cheap h**......

..You never know what you're going to catch.

Best Pokemon go pickup line...

I'll let you see my Pokemon if I can have a pikachu.
This is my first post. Please be kind. :)

Pokemon Go is just like Caitlyn Jenner...

It keeps crashing and you never look back.

h**... doesn't mind the Pokemon GO players.

He too wanted to catch 'em all at auschwitz

Went out to play Pokemon Go, found the meaning of life.

It's Golbat.

a really attractive woman playing pokemon go slapped me today

I only said i wanted a peekachu

How to get people to Exercise?

By playing Pokemon GO.

What did Ash say when Pikachu went missing?

"Where did my Pokemon Go?"

Terrible tragedy in France - 84 people hit by a truck

Wow, Pokemon Go is really getting out of hand!

I heard that Auschwitz had to ask people to stop playing Pokemon Go.

Which is weird, because they have the same slogan.
Gotta catch 'em all.

Pokemon Go Is Just Like Tinder

Both apps require you to swipe to catch monsters in your area.

So a Pokemon go user found a Mewtwo at a bar...

20,000 Pokemon go users walk into a bar.

Catching imaginary characters

"How much time do you waste catching imaginary characters on your phone" my father said to me as I was playing Pokemon Go.
And then he left for the temple.

I've logged over 42km on my Pokemon Go app. . .

. . . I guess you could say I'm marathoning it.

Now that Pokemon Go is a thing alongside waterproof phones..

Someone has probably caught a pikachu in the shower.

Why is Pokemon Go Banned in Saudi Arabia?

Because not all Pokemon know selfdestruct.

Left my girlfriend for pokemon go

Finally, something that'll go down on me!

What's the difference between pokemon go and my girlfriend?

Pokemon go always goes down on me

TIL that Pokemon GO means

Pokemon Global Offensive

I didn't who created the app...Pokemon GO?

More like Pokemon GO to the poll.

Hey girl, do you play Pokemon GO?

Because I wouldn't mind helping you hatch some of your eggs.

My sister doesn't know what Pokemon go is

Thank god she's adopted.

Just started using Pokemon Go as birth control.

It's super effective!

Guys I got the new name for Pokemon Go.

We will call it Natural Selection.

How do they play Pokemon Go in Gaza s**...?

They grab a round rock from the ground and say: "Pick-a-jew"!

My friend found a Paras while we were playing Pokemon Go.

So I asked him, "Was it under a truck?"

Despite other issues one aspect of Pokemon Go is perfect:

You're always encountering new and interesting bugs.

Chuck norris

Already conquered every pokemon at pokemon go with a nokia 3310

What's the similarity between Chris Brown being released and Pokemon Go being released?

An increase in battery cases.

Why did Billy play Pokemon Go in the Holocaust Museum?

Because he wanted to be Ash.

What did Ash tell his Pokemon?

Pokemon Go!

With the release of the 0.31 version of Pokemon Go, my battery life has been amazing!!

It turns out the game uses much less battery when you aren't playing.

IAmA I'm John Hanke, CEO of Niantic (Pokemon Go), ask me anything!

That's the joke.

What will happen when Pokemon GO Is updated with Johto Pokemon?

It will become Pokemon GOld

If Pokemon Go is forbidden in Cuba by popular opinion...

Queued Cubans cue Cubone ban.

Pokemon GO s**... battery life faster than

a suicidal Apple worker

What do you call a Jewish Pokemon Go player?

What do you call a Jewish Pokemon Go Player?

How Pokemon go came to be

Customers: "Niantic, can we have 151 Pokemon?"
Niantic: "147 Pokemon? You want to have 145 Pokemon?! What are you going to do with 142 Pokemon?!"

A Pokemon GO player climbed to the summit of mount Everest...

...convinced that he would could catch a rare Pokemon. All he caught was a cold. It stared with a peak achoo.

Up to 3,000 migrants were rescued in boats fleeing African countries on Monday

They were quickly given access to life jackets, emergency blankets, and Pokemon GO.

My friends and i wanted to dressup as the Pokemon Trio today to play Pokemon Go...

Unfortunately our friend Brock was too busy chasing tail, so it got cancelled.

A German health inspector walks into a bar while playing Pokemon GO

He asks to see under the floorboards.
The bartender replies, "Why?"
The German health inspector replies, "Wynaut?"

I've just de-flowered a v**....

I mugged a Pokemon Go player coming out of a florists.

What happens when you play Pokemon Go in Africa?

You caught: AIDS!

I read an article today on Forbes about how Pokemon Go was badly monetized.

But first I had to turn off my Adblocker to access the article

What happened to all the pokemon GO jokes?

I guess people have made the "switch" to another fad.

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