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Laugh out loud with these hysterical Urdu poet jokes! From Timbuktu to Ritchie, we bring you a collection of rib-tickling puns and quips perfect for brightening up your day!

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Best Short Poets Jokes

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  1. There Once Was A Poet Named Bates, His poems weren't always first rate,
    His first lines weren't bad, but the problem he had,
    Was that he always tried to put too many syllables into the last line.
  2. A woman was being perused by two men. One was a baker and one was a poet,
    She had to make up her mind for batter or verse.
  3. Came up with this joke this morning in the shower. I took a tour of a prison for poets, at the end the warden asked what I thought of it. I said it has its prose and cons.
  4. Everyone knows of Yao Ming, one of the most iconic basketball players of his generation. Far lesser known was his sister Rai, one of the preeminent female poets of her generation.
  5. I'm a poet and I know it I dug, you dug, he dug, she dug, we all dug.
    It's not a great poem, but it's deep.
  6. I also wrote a poem, too, too I feel.
    You feel.
    He feels.
    She feels.
    They feel.
    We feel.
    I know I'm not a great poet, but I've been told this is very touching.
  7. I just finished reading a book by a group of amateur poets... The poems aren't bad, but you can tell they're not prose.
  8. There was a young poet called Dinesh There was a young poet called Dinesh
    Who could start but never quite finish
    He began so ambitiously
    Continued deliciously
    Then stopped
  9. A poet and a logician were found dead earlier this week. They say the killer had no rhyme or reason.
  10. Did you hear about the poet who liked to dip his work in moisturiser? It was poetry in lotion
Poets joke, Did you hear about the poet who liked to dip his work in moisturiser?

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Poets One Liners

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  1. How does a backward poet write? Inverse.
  2. Why was the poet teaching at a prison so happy? She had a captive audience
  3. How do poets say hello? *"Hey, haven't we metaphor?"*
  4. I'm writing a book about poets who have been jailed It's called prose and cons
  5. What does the poet do when he's frustrated with his fellow student? Shakes peer.
  6. Have you heard about the vampire turned poet? He went from _bat_ ... to __verse__!
  7. Why do poets go to the zoo to use the restroom? So they can poo in the loo at the zoo.
  8. What did the poet with hemorrhoids say? I'm stuffin the puffin back into my muffin.
  9. What do you call a poet with a cold? An illiterate.
  10. What is a poet's favorite legume? Rhyma-beans!
  11. What do you call bread baked by a poet? Poet-rye
  12. I'm a poet, and I just don't... ...think I've reached my full potential.
  13. How many letters are in a poet's name? Usually just a couple of Wordsworth
  14. What do you call an amateur sports team made up entirely of poets? semi-prose
  15. What do you call a tribal poet? Shake-A-Spear!

Poets joke, What do you call a tribal poet?

Playful Poets Jokes to Add Joy and Laughter to Your Group

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What do you call it when a bunch of s**... poets overthrow the government?

A Haiku.

What is love?

Poets say it's everything. Tennis players say it's nothing.

How do poets say hello to each other?

Hey, have we metaphor?

How do Japanese poets do coke?

5-7-5 centimetres

Poets joke, How do Japanese poets do coke?

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