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Birdie, birdie in the sky

Dropped some white stuff in my eye,

I'm a big girl I won't cry,

I'm just glad that cows don't fly.

Sex is when a guys communication,

enters a girls information,

to increase the population,

for a younger generation,

do you get the information...

or do you need a demonstration.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

faces like yours

belong in a zoo.

Don't worry I'll be there too,

not in the cage,

but laughing at you.

Poems joke

Little Lucy met Little Johnny after school and ask him, "

Johnny do you you think I'm cute?"

Little Johnny looked at her from head to toe irritably and replied.

"Roses are red.

Your blood is too.

You look like a monkey.

And belong in a zoo.

Do not worry, I'll be there too.

Not in the cage, But laughing at you".

Some love one,

Some love two.

I love one,

That is you.

If you have a grief nobody feels,

If you have a pain nobody feels.

If your heart is broken nobody feels,

but if you fart all will understand.

There was a crooked woman,

who ran a crooked mile.

She found a crooked Weiner,

who always made her smile.

She belongs in prison,

for she is just a crook.

And if you don't believe me,

you can read it in her book.

Poems joke

Roses are blue

My thumb's got a sliver

I drank far too much and I'm killing my liver.

My wife's face is green.

The room is now pink.

I think she yelled at me,

"That's your 21st drink!"

Mary held her little daughter,

twenty minutes under water.

Not to care for any troubles,

just to look at those funny bubbles.

Grass is green,

trees are greener.

When I think of you,

I play with my wiener.

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My girlfriend kept begging me to go deeper...

But I ran out of poems

Don't you hate it when your girlfriend asks you to go deeper

and you ran out of poems?


When your girlfriend tells you to go deeper...

... but you already ran out of poems to recite.

Poems joke, When your girlfriend tells you to go deeper...

There Once Was A Poet Named Bates,

His poems weren't always first rate,

His first lines weren't bad, but the problem he had,

Was that he always tried to put too many syllables into the last line.

Roses are red, violets are blue

Some poems rhyme

this is not one of them

I hate it when a girl says to me "go deeper" .. but I'm out of poems

She told me to go deeper....

But I was all out of poems.

A hiker tried to write poems

but he didn't know what to do
he tried all kinds
but cleared his mind
when he went for a haiku.

Having some romantic time with yo girl when she asks you to go deeper

But you run out of poems.

There once was a man named Brent

He made poems wherever he went

The poems were fine

But on the very last line

He added too many syllables

When she screams "deeper!"...

But you're all out of poems.

Al Gore was a programmer and moreover, a poet

All his poems are now called AlGoreRhythms.

Winner of the National Championship for Poems - Category: "Timbuktu"

Tim and I off hunting went.
Found three girls in a pop up tent.
They were three and we were two.
So I bucked one and,
Tim bucked two.

I just finished reading a book by a group of amateur poets...

The poems aren't bad, but you can tell they're not prose.

A dyslexic friend of mine thought it might help his condition if he joined a poetry club.

He hasn't come out with any poems yet, but he's made some pretty nice jugs and vases and stuff.

Woman talking to her husband: My friend Susan said her boyfriend recites poems about love to her, I think that's so romantic, why can't you do something like that? Husband replies I can do that.

Roses are red your panties are moist, I'd take you to bed, but I don't have a hoist.

My analogies are like the world's best crafted poems


NASA has finally announced what would have happened to the earth if the moon wasn't present.

50% less poems and love songs.

There Once Was A Poet Named Bates,

There Once Was A Poet Named Bates,

His poems weren't always first rate,

His first lines weren't bad, but the problem he had,

Was that he always tried to put too many syllables into the last line.

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