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  1. All groups of animals have unique names: a gaggle of geese, a pod of whales, a colony of ants… so what do you call a group of Karens? An HOA
  2. People who eat Tide Pods are idiots. The Costco brand pods are half the price. Just saying.
  3. Personally, i think that Tide pods are even better than advertised. I mean, anything that can clean your clothes and the gene pool in the same product...
  4. The evolution of tide pods In 2017 tids pods cleaned clothes but in 2018 it cleans the gene pool
  5. What if tide pods.. Are just cleaning up people who should have been stain in the first place?
  6. I hear that it's easier to convince ladies not to eat Tide Pods but it's harder to deter gents.
  7. Are you a tide pod? Because you're lookin' like a snack but you're really just toxic to everyone.
  8. Last year, kids were eating tide pods. This year, they're getting vaccines and picking up trash. Seems that eating tide pods makes you smart!
  9. Do you know what Elon Musk could've called his submarines if they were built in time to save those children? Thai Pods.
  10. What's the difference between Tide Pods and McDonald's? One is full of dangerous chemicals that people keep eating for some reason, and the other gets your clothes clean.
Pods joke, What's the difference between Tide Pods and McDonald's?

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Pods One Liners

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  1. What do you call a pod of singing killer whales? An orcapella group
  2. I used to be addicted to Tide Pods... But I'm clean now.
  3. Tide announced the new motto for their pods line. Cleaning the gene pool since 2017.
  4. It's pretty easy to stop women from eating tide pods But it's a bit harder to deter gents
  5. What do Tide Pods taste like? Natural Selection.
  6. A Swiss Army Knife is a lot like a pod of dolphins... Multi-porpoise!
  7. I was addicted to Tide Pods I'm clean now
  8. What do you call a Tide Pod that prevents war? A nuclear detergent
  9. I hear it's easy to convince ladies not to eat Tide Pods
  10. There is an upside to eating Tide Pods.... It takes the skid marks out of your underwear.
  11. Now that the tide pod fad is dying down lets move onto the cotton candy in the attic.
  12. It's easy to convince ladies not to eat Tide pods. But it's harder to deter gents.
  13. Tide Pods are really great at cleaning... Up the gene pool.
  14. Yo' mama is so dirty... She did the Tide Pod challenge and vanished
  15. Fish Joke What do you call fishing for whales?

    A Pod Cast.....

Pods joke, Fish Joke

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Why are people eating tide pods?

To clean the gene pool!

Yo momma so s**......

...she tried to buy Tide Pods with food stamps.

I heard its easy to convince women not to eat tide pods..

but it's a lot harder to **deter gents**.

Tide pods

Cleaning the gene pool

I've been hearing how easy it is to convince ladies not to eat Tide pods...

It's somewhat more difficult to deter gents.
Edit; I'll show myself out.

It's easier to deter women from eating tide pods, but it's harder to...


Are people eating Tide Pods because Trump is president?

Or is Trump president because so many people are willing to eat Tide Pods?

My mom caught me lying about smuggling Tide pods out of the house instead of doing the laundry

So I had to come clean

A major detergent manufacturer is to release a new range of fruit scents, including apple, tomato, orange, banana and mango

They're going to call it "Tide Pods - Natural Selection"

I feel bad for all the people eating Tide pods.

They haven't figured out that Cascade actionpacs taste way better.

What is Nelson Mandela's favorite snack?

Apartheid pods

I don't know why people think eating Tide Pods is dangerous...

I mean, you could start today and eat them for the rest of your life.

Instead of using the fear of prison to dissuade criminals, we should start making them eat Tide Pods.

That would be a real crime detergent.

I, an Orca, tried to warn my brother countless times.

He just had to eat that family of dolphins in shallow water.
Well, the idiot beached himself.
If I told him once I told him a thousand times.
Don't eat Tide Pods.

What do you get when you stack a camera on top of 3 Tide pods?

A tripod

Did you know air pods are for poor people.

They can't afford the wires

What's the difference between a hammock and a Fortnight player.

One is a tied seat pod
The other eats tide pods

Trump brings back the Tide Pods challenge to fight against the Coronavirus

What? It's a disinfectant...

Ladies that eat Tide pods should be aware it could negatively affect their chances for a romantic relationship. Odds are likely that it will...


An employee at a supermarket

An overworked and underpaid employee was stocking shelves at his local supermarket. Naturally, he was very tired and didn't care about anything going on around him. Out of nowhere, an old woman with a Karen haircut comes up to him and says "hey you, tell me what those little green things in the pods are called before I hit you so hard your children have bruises. I need these for my diet." The employee, wanting nothing to do with this lady, simply rolls his head around, makes direct eye contact with the lady and says, "b**..., peas".

Pods joke, What's the difference between Tide Pods and McDonald's?

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