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Funniest Podcast Short Jokes

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  1. I'm dressing as the Republican healthcare bill for Halloween. I won't be leaving the house.
    (Heard this on the podcast Fake the Nation and thought you all would like it.)
  2. I once ran a podcast about bloodsucking arthropods. But then one day I got a take-down notice and that was the end of Tick Talk.
  3. How many podcasters does it take to change a light bulb? One. But to fully understand why, we have to first travel back in time to the year 1880...
  4. Casey Anthony is removing her podcast from Spotify. If she wanted to kill Spotify she should've done it when it was still in its infancy
  5. What has four wheels and flies? Garbage Truck.
    To be honest, just listened to Tig Notaro telling this one on Conan O´Brien's podcast.
  6. How do Mexicans cut their pizza? With little Caesars.
    Credit goes to Burnie Burns who told this joke on a podcast.
  7. I came across a podcast the other day hosted by a guy who dresses like a nun. It's called "Transistor Radio".
  8. My friends started a Podcast where they argue which cheese is the best It's named "K..... so?"
  9. What do you call a league of battling plants? Phyte club.
    Credit to the podcast Skeptics Guide to the Universe. I'm not this funny.
  10. What are the odds of USA beating Brazil in soccer? Brazilian to one....
    (credit to bill burr's monday morning podcast)

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Podcast One Liners

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  1. When women gossip we get called bitchy; but when men do it's called a podcast.
  2. What do a group of whales listen to on long journey? Podcasts.
  3. What do you call three average white guys? A podcast
  4. What do you call a Monk with a podcast? An Air Friar
  5. Why did they take the broken iPod to the hospital? To get a Podcast.
  6. Welcome to the Incomplete Thoughts podcast! I'm your host,
  7. Podcasts are Repulsive... They're so Discussing.
  8. What do dolphins like to listen to? Podcasts.
  9. There are just too many blogs And I will talk about it more during my next podcast.
  10. What do you call two white guys? A podcast.
    What do you call three?
    A start-up.
  11. I want to make a podcast but I don't have the Audacity to do it
  12. I started a podcast for deaf people No one listens to it.

Podcast joke, I started a podcast for deaf people

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A 90 year old man goes to the doctor.

Full disclosure, I got this joke from Tom Jones on Marc Maron's w**... podcast today. Tom's 80, mentally spry like he's 30, and he swears like a sailor.
90 year old man goes to the doctor.
Says Doctor, it used to be that I'd get these erections so hard that I couldn't even bend them with two hands! 16, 17, 18 years old, all through my twenties... 30, I could bend a little bit, 40s a little bit more. 50s and 60s I'm getting it to about a 90 degree angle, and now I'm 90 I can bend it in half!
I'm getting stronger, right?"

They say those who talk about s**... the most are those who have it least.

I will explain more in my daily 3 hour podcast, s**... and everything about it .

Podcast joke, Welcome to the Incomplete Thoughts podcast!