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I had a disagreement with my girlfriend while she was pmsing

She:" You better stop fighting. You know what I'm capable of right?"
Me: Yes..bloodshed.
Period jokes are not funny. Period.

Who called it p**...-ing and not


(Real news) In Florida, a truck filled with $120,000-worth of chocolate was stolen.

Police warn the thieves could be armed and PMSing.

My girlfriend started p**...-ing today.

I thinks it's just a big o**... action.

A woman who's PMSing and a t**......

What is the difference between a woman who is PMSing and a t**...?
You can negotiate with a t**....

I'm not just p**...-ing.

I'm o**... acting.

I promised my wife I would not joke with her when she was PMSing.

She has my word, period.

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