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Have you heard what scientists are saying about Pluto?

Apparently he's too small to be a dog.

Where did people find out that Pluto was no longer a planet?

The orbituaries.


Its Self Ex-Planetary

I was catfished once

For thirty years Pluto had me convinced he was a planet...

Why is Mickeys dog named Pluto?

Because hes not a planet.

New Horizons probe discovers trees on Pluto!

Reporters asked "how can you tell?"

And NASA said "from the bark, you dummies!"

Who got only one visitor his entire life, got banished from the family and still lurks around with hope?


NASA's New Horizons probe has shown that Pluto is a remote, hostile, and barren planet...

this means it's now the front-runner to be awarded the next Fifa World Cup.

Pluto is 4.5 billion years old, but yet it is not allowed to sit at the grown-ups' table.

My wife said I'm just like Pluto

I have a very cold heart

Do you know why NASA is just now having a party to celebrate the mission to Pluto?

Because it took a long time to planet.

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Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space?

To find Pluto.

The Planets

71% water + 29% land = Earth

100% land + 0% Chocolate = Mars

100% land + 0% Fertility = Venus

100% land and lava + 0% Freddy = Mercury

100% land + 0% Dog = Pluto

100% gas = Uranus

Scientists had already discovered a ninth planet 5000 times the size of Pluto years ago

Your Mum

Why did Pluto miss the solar system party.

He didn't planet right

How does a Plutonium Gun sounds like?

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Pluto is not a planet

He's a dyslexic god

Pluto's Orbit

Did you know that Pluto's orbit around the sun is so large that it didn't even complete a single Pluto year between the time we found it and declassified it as a planet? It takes 248 earth years for 1 Pluto year. Isn't that horrible? Put it this way. We named a planet after a cartoon dog, and before it even turned one in its doggy years, we put it down. Isn't that horrible?

When someone replies late...

If NASA can find a way to send an image of Pluto using that Hubble Space Telescope from 4.67 billion miles then why can't you message me?

I'm not stupid...

"! There are only 49 states, cause scientists say Pluto doesn't count."

Why is Pluto no longer considered a planet?

It's Ex-planet-ory

Why did Mickey Mouse name his dog Pluto?

Because he's not a planet.

Pluto wanted to throw Earth a birthday party on New Year's Eve

But he forgot to planet

Why does plutonium stink?

Because it's chemical element symbol is Pu.

Earth went around the solar system asking the other planets for a stick of gum.

They all refused, but Earth still got one; Pluto shares its Orbit.

Why was Pluto a mistake?

Because god didn't planet

From the time it was discovered to the time it was declassified as a planet, pluto did not make a full revolution around the sun.

It was a tough year.

Your mama's so fat...

If she can't be categorized as a planet then neither can Pluto.

Dear NASA,

I was big enough for your mom.

- Pluto

Jupiter heard from Neptune that Pluto was pregnant.

Jupiter said to Pluto "Congratulations! I was surprised to hear that you're expecting!"

To which Pluto replied "Thanks. Yeah, I definitely didn't planet!"

God wants to take a vacation

But he has no idea where to go. His archangel, Michael, is helping him decide.

"How about Pluto?" He asks

"Nah, it's too cold there."

"Well, what about Saturn?"

"Nah, not a fan of the rings."

"Well then how about Earth?"

"Are you kidding me? I vacationed there 2,000 years ago, accidentally knocked this chick up, and they're still talking about it!"

A planet is a celestial body that is in orbit around a star, has sufficient gravity to make itself round and has cleared the neighbourhood around its orbit.

That's why Pluto isn't a planet but your mum is.

Why couldn't pluto have a space party

He couldn't plan-it

If you shrunk the solar system down so that the sun was at the top of your head and the orbit of Pluto was at your feet,

Uranus would be right about where you'd expect it to be.

If men are from Mars, and women are from Venus...

Then all the other genders must be from Pluto.

On January 1, 2019, New Horizons will fly by a small, frozen world in the Kuiper Belt called Imndan, which orbits a billion miles beyond Pluto.

This small frozen world is a stereotypical red dot.

I'm like Pluto.

Are my relationships end up plutonic, and I don't even have to planet.

This is insane, schools don't even teach our kids that Pluto is planet anymore!

Seriously, how'd it turn from a planet into some freaking dog?!

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto walk into a bar.

After sitting down, Jupiter says: "I'm the biggest planet, give me the biggest beer you have."

Saturn says: "I'm the best looking planet, give me the fanciest drink you have."

Pluto says: "I know I'm not a planet, but give me a shot."

Why did Mickey Mouse take a trip into space?

He wanted to find Pluto!

Uranus, Earth, and Pluto decide to throw a party.

Earth: so how are we going to do this?

Pluto: don't ask me. I don't know how to Plan-et.

Pluto, king of the Underworld, may be terrifying, but deep down he's just depressed.

He's trying to cope with it, but Charon took the kids.

Why did Pluto have such a terrible vacation?

Because he didn't planet well.

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