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  1. As the plumber left my house I saw something fall out of his back packet. I walked over and saw that it was a bag of drugs. But I didn't bend down to get it, because I didn't want plumber's crack.
  2. Whats the difference between a plumber and a drug dealer? I'm not addicted to a drug dealer's crack.
  3. How do you determine which of two people is a chemist and which is a plumber? One of them makes crack while the other just markets it.

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  1. Why did the plumber get arrested? Plumbers crack.
  2. What's the road construction worker's equivalent of a plumbers crack? An asphalt
  3. What is the most abused substance in the water industry? Plumber's crack.
  4. What drug is the #1 killer of plumbers? Plumber's crack.
  5. Why don't plumbers ride bikes? Because they'd get arrested for peddling crack
  6. How can you tell that plumbers are drug addicts? They're always cracked out
  7. Chuck norris can fix a plumbers crack.
  8. I grew up in a crack house. My dad was a plumber.
  9. Why do plumbers tend to die young? Crack kills.
  10. How much does a plumber make in an hour? It depends on how much crack he can produce.
  11. Never buy your hard drugs from the Roto-Rooter guy... Plumber's crack is n**...

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